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Get clearer insights on ad performance with prominence metrics

Understanding where your ads appear on search result pages is important. It can help you diagnose fluctuations in ad performance or signal if it’s time to make changes to your bids. Now, Microsoft Advertising offers metrics that will provide clearer insight on where your ads appear on search result pages and help you to better optimise your performance. ­

These metrics are:
  • Top impression share
  • Top impression share lost to rank
  • Top impression share lost to budget
  • Absolute top impression share
  • Absolute top impression share lost to rank
  • Absolute top impression share lost to budget

These prominence metrics (formerly known as share of voice) can now be viewed in the Campaign, Ad Group and Keyword tabs.

Product view of prominence metrics columns in report.
Columns showing new prominence metrics.
Adding these new metrics and removing some metrics, like impression share lost to bid, relevance, and expected CTR, brings us closer to Google parity with one exception. One key metric that will remain in your reporting is average position, as we’ve heard continuous feedback that shows this information is still very valuable to you.
We’re constantly working to improve the Microsoft Advertising reporting experience for you, like with the combined search terms grid back in February. And if you’re looking for more insights into your campaign performance, check out your new-and-improved recommendations tab to get AI-powered suggestions, organised by Repairs, Bids & Budgets, Keywords & Targeting, and Ads & Extensions.
We hope this update provides you with clearer insights on how to optimise your bids and maximise your returns with Microsoft Advertising.

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