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Past & future: Resources for small and medium-sized businesses

2019 was an incredible year for marketing professionals, with a wealth of new information and resources for small and medium-sized businesses. And as a marketer, it’s important — now more than ever — to stay up to date with the most impactful and current trends in the industry today. We’ve compiled some of our top content for SMBs to help you continue to grow your business and expand your reach in 2020.

Customer-centric marketing: An SMB blueprint for success

The competitive landscape is evolving, and digital disruption and the proliferation of connected devices are reshaping customer expectations. This, in turn, has disrupted a once nearly linear customer decision journey. With this eBook, learn more about how high performers are using an understanding of the new CDJ to soar above their competitors. You’ll also learn the latest customer-centric marketing insights and strategies and how to generate leads and grow your business with the Microsoft Advertising customer-centric marketing blueprint. This 11-page eBook comes complete with how-tos and actionable tips to help set you up for long term marketing success.
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A marketer's guide to reaching the new consumer

As technology continues to change around us, new consumer groups are rising in impact and buying power. This new consumer includes emerging segments such as women, minorities, millennials, Generation Z and the LGBTQ community — all of whom have increased buying power as compared to years past. To reach these new segments of opportunity, marketers must rethink both their brand messaging and how to better cater to the specific needs of these new groups. Download this eBook to learn how to win the loyalty of the new consumer and best position your business to attend to their emerging wants and needs.
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Accessible Marketing for small businesses

Making sure businesses and marketers develop online content that is accessible to anyone and everyone is the big idea behind accessible marketing. This marketing principle takes into account factors such as gender, race, language, income, sexuality, age, religion, ethnicity, and ability, recognising that marketers can no longer just assume that everyone can easily interact or relate with a brand or their content. Rather, marketers need to intelligently engage with individuals, considering their personalities, eccentricities, and necessary accommodations for varying disabilities. Whether you’re already working on accessible marketing or just beginning to learn about it, this eBook will help you understand why modern marketing is accessible marketing. It also provides tips and tools to help you on the path towards accessibility. Implementing just a few practical steps can help make your digital marketing more inclusive and accessible — which also helps to increase your reach and revenue.
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Smart ways to grow your business with Microsoft Advertising & LinkedIn

Customers no longer sit down at a desktop computer to conduct all their searches.  They tend to jump from one channel to the next, and while spending maybe a few minutes on a desktop, they now continue their searches on other devices like tablets, cell phones, and laptop computers. Because of this, the customer journey has become more complex and fragmented and there isn’t just one single formula for how to reach them. The key to winning in this digital age is to make every customer connection count.
Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn can help you find your ideal customer organically and boost your reach with paid advertising. With innovative AI technologies, you can measure, learn and optimise to drive more impact. Download this eBook to see how Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn can help you reach the audiences that matter most to you and help you target more effectively than ever before.
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The small business owner’s guide to search engine marketing 

SEM, or search engine marketing, continues to be a tried and true way to reach customers, and while social media does play an important role in the customer decision journey, most internet users still rely on search. Whether you’re new to search engine marketing (SEM) or are looking for quick tips and tricks to improve your current digital marketing strategies, this thorough guide will help make it easy to get your search marketing campaign up and running on Microsoft Advertising so you can reach new customers and grow your business. Don’t miss out on these actionable tips to get started.
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Five tips to grow your agency with Microsoft Advertising

Whether you’re looking to help your clients drive foot traffic, sell products online, increase online conversions, or get that phone to ring off the hook, a comprehensive marketing strategy is paramount for reaching customers. Register for this on-demand webcast, and we’ll show you how Microsoft can help you extend your marketing and impact your clients and your bottom line with pro tips from the experts. Take advantage of these key differentiators to help your clients get in front of customers in a measurable and cost-effective way.
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Be sure to keep these resources in mind as you refine your marketing tactics and use them to continue to reach new audiences and help grow your business.