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Keep up to date: Microsoft Advertising Health Blog

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Something strange in your neighbourhood? Something weird and it does not look good? Who are you going to call? Nobody, potentially!

Microsoft Advertising Health Blog overview

With the Microsoft Advertising Health Blog, now you can instantly check the health of our platform and support tools using a single intuitive dashboard, broken out into Applications, Platform, and API: 

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From here, you will be able to track known issues and understand how they might be impacting delivery, reporting, latency, et cetera, so you can save valuable time and see whether there is anything of which you should be aware. No need to contact our Support teams to ask if there is a problem; with our Health Blog, you will see it all at a glance. You should be greeted by a reassuring sea of green ticks, but if we’re tracking any emerging topics that might have an impact on your experience or performance, you would see either an amber or red alert to indicate the severity of the issue, along with an explanation of the known impact.

Key features and how to use them

In addition to keeping you updated on our current status, our Issues tab gives you a detailed breakdown of previous known issues to see whether a past incident may have had an impact on your campaigns, and a timeline of how that particular case was resolved. It is perfect for when you have seen a change in historical performance and want to compare it with any known issues that might have been a factor.

Additionally, a Resources column provides you with a list of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and additional support options to keep you empowered and in control of your experience with our tools.

Our platform runs on trust and transparency; that is why we want to give you clear visibility on the tools you’re using to grow your business and achieve more with Microsoft Advertising. If there is anything you see (or do not see!) that gives you pause for thought, feel free to reach out to our Support Team any time for free advice and assistance with your advertising accounts.