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Learn how 050media became our Celebrated Partner

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Have you ever wondered what makes a Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner special? How they utilise Microsoft Advertising to drive business and reach new customers, or what their company culture and vision looks like? We caught up with 050media, our Netherlands Celebrated Partner for April 2022, to get an inside look at the amazing work that earned them this exclusive title in the first place!

Celebrating our partners is an exclusive benefit of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program where we highlight the hard work our partners have accomplished throughout the year.

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We had the opportunity to interview the Marketing Manager of 050media, and our April 2022 Netherlands Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner, Isa Ottens.

Q: Tell us a little about 050media—history, current size, audience, and business objectives!

A: “We’re 050media, a full-service online marketing agency based in Groningen. After founding the company in 2008, Sebastian Bakker (CEO) and a small team around him were mainly focusing on optimising websites for search engines. As these projects kept growing and the team began expanding, 050media could offer several additional services. We now have three different teams that reinforce and complement each other: One for web development, one for online marketing, and a cross-border team. Together, we have the in-house expertise to help our clients—who vary in industry, size, and targets—grow.”

Q: What is 050media’s vision, mission, or specialisation?

A: “Our main goal is to help our customers unlock and achieve their growth ambitions. To make this happen, our three different teams work closely together, combining their specialised knowledge in their respective fields. We have also adapted the down-to-earth mindset that is commonplace here in Groningen. Groningers, like us, see things as they really are. With this approach, we don’t just talk, we do!”

Q: What product features offered by Microsoft Advertising do you rely on the most to achieve your vision?

A: “When working with our clients, Multimedia Ads have been indispensable. We use these ads in combination with a text advertisement, as they strongly complement each other. A high-quality image in the Multimedia Ad as well as the call-to-action button have increased traffic and conversions. We also make extensive use of Shopping Campaigns. These ads are easy to manage in both the ads environment and in Merchant Promotions.”

Q: How has Microsoft Advertising been able to help you reach new customers and grow your business?

A: “To improve our customers’ growth, we look for all possible options and opportunities. A big part of this growth is driving more traffic to the customers’ website or web shop. With Microsoft Advertising, we can maximise this growth. As the network continues to grow, the visibility of the ads likewise increases—a great asset to both us and our clients. Moreover, Microsoft Advertising is easy to use. We make a difference by offering this service to our customers.”

Q: What impact on your business have you been able to drive with Microsoft Advertising?

A: “With Microsoft Advertising, we can help our customers grow by offering a valuable service. So far, we've seen an increase in traffic from the customers who advertise with Microsoft Advertising. Moreover, you can find many possibilities for visibility on different channels—an important aspect for our customers.”

Q: How does 050media embody inclusivity and giving?

A: “At 050media, we work hard to cultivate a space where talents and skills can grow so that everyone feels at home. For example, we work together with various organisations to give people with a distance to the labour market a chance to develop themselves. We’re proud of our varied team in which everyone makes an important contribution. Also, as an extension of several schools and universities in the area, we have a responsibility to unlock talent by setting up training programmes and internships.”

Q: How have you adapted to recent changes in consumer trends brought about by COVID-19?

A: “We work with, and for, companies from different branches. As a result, we’ve experienced the trends surrounding COVID-19 from many perspectives. Some clients had a peak in their web shop due to the closing of physical stores and others decreased in demand. For every client, it meant a unique problem and a hand-tailored solution. Having great collaboration with clients helps us all to adapt in these unpredictable times.”

Q: Has your digital marketing strategy changed since the pandemic?

A: “Without giving away the trick of our trade, we did have a valuable learning curve during the pandemic. We feel better equipped to handle uncertainty—and being flexible—as well as predicting or working around upcoming events and disruptions, such as shifts in the demand chain.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say or any parting words?

A: “Utilising Microsoft Advertising to unlock the potential of both our clients as well as our consultants has been a great addition to our company. We’re honoured to be a Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner, especially as the only Dutch company in April, and we hope to continue the partnership in the future!”

Individual pictures of 050media team members.

Thank you to Isa Ottens and the 050media team for showing us how their unique Groninger approach, in combination with Microsoft Advertising, helps customers succeed in a rapidly changing digital marketplace! Don’t miss out on any of our other spotlighted partners in Canada, UK, New Zealand, and US, as well as upcoming events for partners on every tier.

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