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Dynamic search ads now available in new markets

Dynamic search ads (DSA) is one of the most innovative, mind-expanding tools that Microsoft Advertising offers, and it should be part of any advertiser’s holistic strategy to drive incremental query coverage. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that DSA is now available for all advertisers in Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Belgium and New Zealand, ready to help drive growth for your business.

What are dynamic search ads?

Dynamic search ads are ads that automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of your website, and are dynamically created to respond to these search queries. Using them will:
  • Create targeted and relevant ads automatically: New, dynamically created ads for every search query based on your website content, or specific pages or categories of your website.
  • Reduce your workload: No need to maintain keyword lists, manage bids or update and customise ad titles.
  • Find missed opportunities: Automatically adapt to new queries to drive additional conversions.
That final point of finding missed opportunities is where many advertisers have seen lots of value with DSA. While the keywords advertisers manage connect them with lots of quality customers, the keywords are still limited by what can be imagined from the user. With DSA, you can expand your horizons beyond that and discover new long-tail queries and new trends that are coming into the Microsoft Advertising network.

For example, in the UK advertisers using DSA were able to uncover 35% new queries and additional 15% clicks, while reducing their CPCs by 5%. In an increasingly uncertain world, these emerging queries are coming faster than ever, and with DSA you can catch them as early as possible.

Which advertisers should use dynamic search ads?

Dynamic search ads are most appropriate for advertisers who:
  • Have a large catalog of webpages and a changing mix of products, making it difficult to manage search ads for each product.
  • Are not familiar with search advertising, but who want to quickly and easily try it out.
  • Want to find new keyword opportunities and user search behaviour trends.
  • Are looking to innovate with AI solutions in Microsoft Advertising.
Additionally, if you’re interested in dynamic search ads but want to retain more creative control over your ad messaging, there’s the static headlines pilot available to all DSA advertisers. You can reach out to Microsoft Advertising to learn more and get enabled.

For more information on how to set up dynamic search ads and tips for effective DSA campaigns, see target searches automatically with dynamic search ads.

Any comments, questions or feedback to share?

For any questions or feedback regarding dynamic search ads, as always, feel free to ping us on Twitter or if you have feedback related to specific features you'd like to see improved or added, visit our Feature Suggestion Forum to add or vote on your top priorities for upcoming releases.