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Top 10 unmissable sessions at DMEXCO 2019

Microsoft keynote speakers at DMEXCO 2019
There are only three weeks to go until the largest marketing exhibition in the world kicks off in Cologne, Germany. This year more than 550 speakers will appear across 18 stages at DMEXCO to discuss the digital trends, strategies, innovations and creative approaches currently dominating the media industry. Following on from last year’s concept of taking C.A.R.E. (Curiosity, Action, Responsibility, Experience), this year’s focus is on the increasingly important topic of trust and how to retain it in the age of diminishing consumer privacy. As a value that’s close to our heart here at Microsoft Advertising, we are thrilled that our very own experts will be joining key industry figures in offering their tips on how to help solve one of the biggest issues in advertising. Here is our pick of the 10 most exciting sessions to catch at DMEXCO this year.

1. Let’s go hand in hand–Is AI changing digital marketing for the better?

Marketing is all about reaching people with the right message, at the right time. Thanks to some big leaps in technology and accessibility to data, AI is already at the heart of modern marketing engines through bots, personalisation, content recommendation and more. It won’t be long now before AI will start creating messages, content and advertising for us too–all based on highly-optimised data for specific audience segments–so will we still need human marketers? This fascinating topic will be explored by Jon Carvill (VP Technical Leadership Marketing, Intel), Eldad Maniv (President & COO, Taboola) and Aaron Shapiro (CEO, Huge Inc), as they look at ways AI and humans could work together in shaping the market of the future.
DATE: Wednesday 11 September
TIME: 16:05-16:30
LOCATION: Debate Stage

2. Customer trust

Customers want trusted, personalised and connected experiences that help them to achieve everyday goals. How can brands rise to this challenge? Firstly, they must listen, understand and deliver on their customers’ intentions and interactions across all channels. Likewise, it is the customer experience that becomes the competitive differentiator that will lead a business to major growth. Listen as industry experts Chris Denson (Co-Founder of Crush Industries), Tino Krause (Country Director DACH, Facebook) and Jason Rose (CMO, SAP CX) discuss how companies can build a connected customer journey based on empathy and trust.
DATE: Thursday 12 September
TIME: 12:30-13:00
LOCATION: Congress Stage

3. Things must get real now–How to transfer the hype around AI to usable and responsible applications

Continuing on from the AI theme of last year’s DMEXCO, this session takes another look at the unstoppable hype around artificial intelligence. According to a study released earlier this year, it seems that not everyone who claims to use the technology actually does. So what is really the difference between a simple algorithm and artificial intelligence itself? And what are some practical applications for businesses? In this panel, Stephan Dörner (Chief Editor, T3n), Anja Hendel (Director, Porsche Digital Lab), Anna Lukasson (CEO, Nyris) and Johannes Sommer (CEO, Retresco) discuss how long the AI hype might last and what Europe needs to do to become a relevant player in the field.
DATE: Wednesday 11 September
TIME: 10:55-11:35
LOCATION: Experience Stage

4. New Work Mindset–Trust is the new control?

From remote offices to sabbaticals and flat hierarchies, New Work has got many forms which currently challenge the company culture and business collaboration. Companies struggle to cope with the modern office lifestyle and not many business leaders succeed–so what do proven blueprints of New Work look like and how can this concept be implemented into our processes without crashing the value chain? Featuring Microsoft Advertising’s VP of Global Corporate Sales, Lynne Kjolso, Kai Anderson (CEO, Promerit), Gitta Blatt (HR Director, Dentsu Aegis), Falk Bolthe (Digital Transformation Director, Volkswagen) and Geraldine McCarthy (Head of Sales EMEA, Dropbox), the conversation will focus on how companies can make New Work successful for them. Microsoft Advertising will feature live demoes of modern workplace solutions focusing on teams in Hall 6, Stand 49.
DATE: Thursday 12 September
TIME: 15:50–16:20
LOCATION: Debate Stage

5. The truth is dead–long live the truth: How to gain customers’ trust in times of deep fake

We know that the news we read on social media isn’t always necessarily the whole truth. We’ve also come to learn that video and audio can be very easily manipulated… So what’s left that’s real anymore? In this panel, Dhruv Ghulati (Founder and CEO, Factmata), Wolfgang Kerler (Editor-in-Chief, onebillion) and Giorgio Patrini (CEO and Chief Scientist, Deeptrace) look at the threats and possibilities that come with this new world, as well as the ways in which to win the trust of customers and audiences.
DATE: Wednesday 11 September
TIME: 15:30-15:55
LOCATION: Experience Stage

6. Fighting human bias in ad tech

How can we build an AI that doesn’t have bias? Whether it’s job diversity and equality, prejudices over skin colour and human behaviour, or predictive shopping and campaign forecasts–AI is playing an increasingly bigger role in marketing by the day. As long as algorithms are built on data and inputted by humans, the resulting AI will reflect the biases of its creators. Microsoft Advertising’s Director of Marketing, Sean O’Connor, joins panellists Jocelyn Lee (Head, Heat AI), Klaus Schwab (Managing Director and Partner, Plan.Net Group) and David Goddard (Global Programmatic Strategy, BBC) in discussing how marketers can build unbiased AI with democratised algorithms.
DATE: Thursday 12 September
TIME: 14:05–14:35
LOCATION: Debate Stage

7. Executive shout out–Demands for female empowerment

What are the main challenges women face when it comes to business? What are some of the framework conditions for empowering them? What kind of impact does society have on these topics and how can women rise to leadership roles alongside their male counterparts? Join a panel of female industry leaders including Susanne Aigner-Drews (Country Manager, Discovery Communications), Claudia Frese (CEO,, Anna Grodecka-Grad (CSO, Mediamath),
Marion Mestrom (CHRO, Brenntag), Vuyiswa M’Cwabeni (SVP and Strategy Executive, SAP SE) and Frederike Probert (Entrepreneur, Mission Female), as they explore how women in business can thrive while changing society for the better.
DATE: Wednesday 11 September
TIME: 13:50-14:20
LOCATION: Debate Stage

8. New ways of best practise of venturing programs

The importance of Corporate Venture Capital is steadily on the rise, especially when it comes to the digitalisation of companies. CVC can serve as a tool for innovation in order to help achieve strategic and financial goals. When companies struggle to build, scale and further develop successful Corporate Venture stories, what are the critical success factors, chances and risks involving CVC? This discussion will see Andrew Macadam (Western Europe Director of Microsoft for Startup) join guests Benjamin Heimlich (Editor, Venture Capital), Christian Lindener (Managing Director, Wayra), Thomas Oehl (Managing Director, VITO Ventures) and Jens Pippig (Manging Director, Seven Ventures).  
DATE: Wednesday 11 September
TIME: 10:50-11:30
LOCATION: CVC Conference

9. Back to school: Technology is changing the way we learn–and forces us to learn more about technology

Just like many other aspects of our life, education and learning have changed drastically in recent times. From what we learn, to how we learn it – it has become an entirely digitalised process. Today, kids interact with tablet in the classroom and are already learning to code in a playful way. Meanwhile, employees are taking part in digitalised life-long learning processes where they can educate themselves online. At this time, the possibilities of learning have become endless, but does that mean that we need more tech in education? This session sees Microsoft Advertising’s Chief Learning Officer of Germany, Mohanna Azarmandi, discussing the issue of tech in education with pannelists Beatrice Kemner (Head of Product Development, Avado Learning), Lutz Knappmann (Chief Editor, WiWo) and Hansjörg Zimmermann (CEO, Whatzlife).
DATE: Wednesday 11 September
TIME: 11:40-12:10
LOCATION: Experience Stage

10. We care!-How business and sustainability work together

Sustainability is one of the biggest topics in media and marketing right now–and in our own lives overall. Often, we talk about either reducing consumption or acting responsibly, such as ensuring that we throw rubbish in the bin. As a company, however, businesses can use smart technology and optimised processes to save resources and contribute to a more sustainable society. Dept, the leading international digital agency is leading the way by limiting the amount of trash created by their festival and by implementing weekly meat-free days. So how does the concept of reduction apply to the digital world and will there be too much digital trash one day? Ecosia CMO, Hannah Wickes, discussed the issue with panellists Mark Haviland (EVP Brand Development and Sustainability, Rakuten), Susanne Nitzsche (Head of ALBA) and Dept Co-Founder, Bart Manuel.
DATE: Thursday 12 September
TIME: 14:45–15:15
LOCATION: Experience Stage
With so many fascinating topics and fantastic keynote speakers on the agenda, this year’s DMEXCO in Cologne, Germany is sure to be bigger and better than ever! Come and say hello to the Microsoft Advertising team at Hall 6, Stand B49-C48 where our experts will be more than happy to show you how to create smarter customer journeys and grow your brand and business with us. We look forward to seeing you at DMEXCO! 

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