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Microsoft Advertising Partners: Building Trust, Marketing with Purpose

Now more than ever, we’re experiencing challenges that bring to light the importance and significance of strong trusted relationships with people and organisations grounded in shared values and a sense of purpose. 

As our world evolves, companies are looking for ways to help brands and campaigns perform better, but more than that, they’re looking for new ways to help brands connect with their audiences in more deep and meaningful ways.

Microsoft Advertising is grateful for the partnerships we’ve built with incredible companies around the world. Companies that are focused on building a culture of diversity and inclusion internally with their employees, as well as working hard to empower advertisers with inclusive marketing practices and innovative personalisation and digital advertising solutions that help them reach people and build their businesses. 
We’ve been inspired and empowered by Microsoft’s example. Not just looking at Diversity and Inclusion as something to do internally as an HR function, but something to talk to brands about in terms of inclusive marketing. Every brand should be thinking about making their marketing accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Laura Collins, Merkle

This year during the virtual Microsoft Advertising Elevate experience on 31 March 2020, Kenshoo, Merkle (UK), Dept, Sensis (Yellow) and Mindshare (UK) were announced as Microsoft Advertising Global Partner Award winners for 2020. These companies support their clients with digital marketing solutions that span audience segments and marketing solutions from search, social, TV, and programmatic, to data, insights and measuring impact, all while remaining focused on doing that with responsibility, transparency and privacy as core values.
The way businesses have connected with consumers and their customers in the past has changed rapidly with the onset of digital transformation. We believe everyone’s got the opportunity and we’re there to empower and enable them to capitalise on this opportunity.

Deepa Singh, Sensis (Yellow)

We applaud each of these companies for their commitment to supporting their advertising clients with creativity and passion, as well as building trust and delivering Marketing with Purpose.