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Jason Miller

Head of Brand Marketing, Microsoft Advertising

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Dynamic Search Ads automate creative where no creative yet exists, without taking the responsibility of thinking creatively from humans.

Introducing the ‘Sergeant Pepper’ of Search Ads

If you’re a search marketer getting ready for 2020, then you’d take a long look at Dynamic Search Ads. And you’d start to realise that you have one of the most creative, innovative and mind-expanding advertising tools imaginable on your hands.

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The power of personal branding

Who do you think you are: The power of personal branding

If you laugh at personal branding, you’ve probably missed the point of it. Fame isn’t the objective of a personal brand; professional success is–and so is the personal satisfaction that comes with it. Everything else is a by-product.

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The top 10 Microsoft Advertising blogs of 2019

The Microsoft Advertising UK Blog Greatest Hits of 2019

We’ve delved into some of the biggest trends, insights, developments and announcements of the past 12 months, so check out our list of Microsoft Advertising’s greatest blog hits for 2019.

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The blueprint for modern marketing success

Learning from the Leaders: A blueprint for modern marketing success

Is there a blueprint for the successful application of data and AI when it comes to improving customer experience? Recent Microsoft Advertising research shows that there is a growing gap between the 20% of businesses that have successfully managed to achieve a high Customer Experience Quotient (CXQ) and the 80% that are in danger of getting left behind.

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Marketing lessons from musician Liam Gallagher

Five marketing lessons from the genius that is Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher’s marketing genius is a perfect example of how to apply old-school craft and creativity in a world of social media, AI, constant scrutiny and radical transparency. It shows how modern marketing works best as a balancing act between the old and the new.

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