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With In-market Audiences, you can find curated lists of users that have been found to be in-market for a certain purchase category. Microsoft Advertising has created these lists for you and are available directly in the user interface — no need to build or import your own lists. When these In-market Audience lists are associated to ad groups, you can target and modify bids for these audiences, similar to Remarketing in Paid Search lists.

Target people ready to buy.

Why use In-market Audiences?

  • Expand your audience

    Easily grow your audience with high-quality searchers, ready to buy. In-market Audiences can also be used in combination with other audience targeting solutions like Remarketing in Paid Search and Custom Audiences.

  • Increase conversions

    In-market Audiences helps you focus on the bottom of the buying funnel. These curated lists of people have been identified as “in-market,” or ready to make a purchase in a particular category.

  • Boost performance

    Searchers in In-market Audience lists are more likely to convert which can help drive greater click-through rates and conversion ratios. In fact, ads shown to In-market Audiences saw up to a 28% greater click-through rate and 48% greater conversion rate than the same ads without In-market Audiences. In-market Audiences can also be used with other audience targeting solutions like Remarketing in Paid Search and Custom Audiences.

  • Simple to set up

    In-market Audiences can be quickly set up in five minutes or less, and don’t require you to tag your website. Microsoft Advertising has created the audience lists — no need for you to create a list. From within the Audience tab in Microsoft Advertising online, just pick the In-market Audience that represents your business — such as “clothing” or “motor vehicles” — and associate it to any combination of ad groups.

Get started with In-market Audiences

To find out which in-market audience categories are available, download this spreadsheet. It has the most up-to-date list of in-market audience segments organized by name and Audience ID. Read more about how to get started with In-market Audiences. Or, sign in and follow the below instructions to use In-market Audiences.

  1. Select Create Association in the Audiences tab and then choose In-market Audience.
  2. Choose the appropriate In-market Audience to associate with the ad group from the list of available In-market Audiences.
  3. Pick targeting options. Set the appropriate bid-boost, for example 20%, and monitor results.
  4. Click Save to finish.
  Add In-Market Audiences