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Use Promotion Extensions to highlight your special offers in your text ads. Let’s say you want to highlight a Summer Sale—using Promotion Extensions, you can include a promotion code, along with the offer and expiration date.

You can select from a preset list of occasions, which are holidays or events for which you can offer special offers or promotions.
This feature is currently in pilot and coming to all markets in the early fall.

Highlight deals for holidays and other special occasions in your Microsoft Advertising text ads.

Why use Promotion Extensions?

  • Increased traffic volume
    Adding special offers to your text ads can grow ad engagement and boost your potential click-through rate.
  • Better informed shoppers
    Promotions will be displayed prior to the shoppers’ click and provide them with more information before they buy.
  • Improved market share
    Special offers can encourage shoppers to click your ad instead of your competition's.

Note: The promotion landing page must include details of the promotion. The promotion will not serve past the set displayed end date. For additional information, see the Merchant Promotions policies and editorial guidelines.

Add Promotion Extensions

Screenshot showing an example of Structured Snippet Extensions displayed below a  search ad.  

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Visit our help page for additional information on this feature, how to get set up and other common questions.

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