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Experience new growth possibilities with Microsoft Advertising today >

Reach your audience wherever they’re watching

When you run a video ad campaign with Microsoft, you can easily manage your ad formats, your target audiences, and how often people see your video ads across multiple devices.

Connected TV ads

Full-screen, non-skippable video ads that play when your audience streams shows and movies on their TV.

Online video ads

Video ads that play when your audience watches videos or browses the web on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Showcase your brand on today’s
premium publishers and streaming services​



How to get started​ with Video and Connected TV ads

It's never been easier to run Video and CTV ads.
Set up your first video ad campaign in four easy steps​.

Create your video ad campaign

Set video views as your campaign goal and choose the online Video or CTV placement.

Set up your budgets
and bids

Design your campaign in a way that makes sense for your unique ad spend.

Choose your targeting

Get started with remarketing or expand your reach by targeting similar audiences.

Add your assets

Choose videos and messaging that fit your campaign goals.

Talk to an expert today

Reach out to our team of specialists to explore how Video and CTV ads can elevate your brand’s impact.

Connect with your audience and delight your customers with video ads


Visit our help site for more information about how to set up your video ad campaigns.