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Surface the right product information at the right time to the right user, leading to a more informed click and more foot traffic to your physical location by enabling Local Inventory Ads in your Microsoft Shopping Campaigns. Better monetize your inventory on by displaying your available products and store information to nearby shoppers.


Create an omnichannel presence which will not only help drive more volume to your e-commerce site but also help generate a positive impact on your physical location.

Boost sales in your brick-and-mortar locations

What are Local Inventory Ads?

Whenever a customer is near your physical store location and searches for a product carried by your store, the customer is shown your ad with an In-store notification. Clicking the ad directs the customer to your omnichannel storefront to find information like location, in-stock availability, and more.

Example of available product and store information display on search results page.

Leverage your contactless solution with curbside pickup

Let shoppers who prefer to pick up their items at your store know that you provide a contactless option with a curbside pickup badge.

What should I do next?

If you’re ready to start using Local Inventory Ads, visit our help page to learn about the next steps to start showcasing your products.

 Start using Local Inventory Ads