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Explore the improved Opportunities Tab for more campaign recommendations

Over the past few months, you may have seen a few of the new types of opportunities now featured in the Bing Ads Opportunities Tab: bid adjustments, extensions, and even conversion-based opportunities. These recommendations have been just some of the new ways you can optimize your campaign performance in a simple and speedy fashion, but now we’re rolling out even more improvements to Bing Ads Opportunities to advertisers across the globe.

In these new updates, you can experience a newly-designed Opportunity Tab with even more recommendations now releasing, notably sitelink extensions and additional bid adjustment opportunities.

new opportunities tab suggestions screenshot
New illustrations and messaging to help you quickly understand the opportunities you can take advantage of

Redesigned experience and optimized ranking

We’ve given a makeover to the Opportunities Tab, both internally and externally. On the back-end, the rankings of your Opportunities Tab are now better optimized to be listed in the order of the potential impact of the metrics you care about most: more clicks, conversions, and cost savings. And visually, Bing Ads Opportunities now features new designs and messaging to help you better understand the recommendations given, why they’re great for you, and how to implement them. You can also find new impactful metrics in the opportunities to easily find ways where you can get more out of each click in Bing Ads.

New extension and bid adjustment opportunities

On this refreshed and optimized Opportunities Tab, we’re now also rolling out more opportunities for you to take advantage of: Sitelink Extensions, ad scheduling and keyword bid adjustment opportunities. Let’s take a quick look at how each of these recommendations can help with your Bing Ads performance.

Sitelink Extension opportunity

screenshot of new sitelink extension opporunity

Sitelinks are one of the best ways to help engage more customers with your site, and this opportunity will help suggest the campaigns that could benefit the most from having them on your ads. Each campaign suggested in the opportunity would be likely to show sitelink extensions, and the opportunity provides estimated changes in performance to help you gauge the impact.

sitelink extension opportunity new screenshot

To leverage this opportunity, you can click “View Opportunities” to see which campaigns we’ve recommended for you to add Sitelink Extensions. Each opportunity has the potential impact you can get from adding them, and then a consistent workflow experience to add in Sitelinks, same as you would find in your Ad Extensions tab. Select the sitelinks you’d like to add, hit “Apply” and you’re done!

sitelink general screenshot

Ad Scheduling and keyword bid adjustment opportunities

In addition to the new Sitelink Extension opportunity, we’re also rolling out new bid adjustment opportunities for you to leverage: ad scheduling and keyword bid adjustments.

For ad scheduling, you can dynamically adjust your bids based on search user variables such as their device type, location and now time of day. Using our conversion tracking, you’ll begin to see ad scheduling bid modifier suggestions.

set ad scheduling bid adjustments screenshot

As an example, on days of the week or hours of the day where your cost per acquisition is below average, you’ll see positive bid adjustment suggestions, and where your CPA is above average you’ll see negative bid adjustment suggestions. This way you can help generate more efficient conversions across your Bing Ads campaigns.

set ad scheduling bid adjustments screenshot

Your keywords can also have varying costs per conversions, so now we have keyword bid adjustment opportunities for you to leverage as well. By changing your bids based on your keywords’ conversion history, you can lower unnecessarily high bids and help boost conversion performance on your best keywords, leading to great returns on investment for your campaigns.

change your keywords view in opportunities tab screenshot

With these new features coming to Opportunities, there are now even more ways you can help improve your Bing Ads performance in a simple and speedy fashion. What are you waiting for? Go check out the new features on your Opportunities Tab and see what you can do to boost your campaigns today!

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