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Guide to growth: Four strategies

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As you evolve your search campaigns to set your organization up for success in 2021, we offer four strategies and associated resources that will help you chart a path to growth. Learn how you can build resilience in the face of constant change and increase your volume and reach new audiences more efficiently.

Strategy #1: Understand and adapt to the changing customer decision journey

The customer decision journey (CDJ) has changed. As we have seen since stay-at-home orders went into effect in 2020, certain product categories have surged in buying behaviors and, with that, we’ve seen shifts in the CDJ that are important for marketers to recognize and act on.
  • Stay in the know with the latest insights on changing consumer behaviors and the impact to search advertising, as well as custom vertical and product category reports, in our Microsoft Advertising Insights hub.
  • Expand your coverage higher up in the marketing funnel and increase your search campaign performance by adding more volume and reaching new audiences with the Microsoft Audience Network. Read: First-party data & the Microsoft Audience Network.

Strategy #2: Embrace digital transformation at any scale

Search engine marketing (SEM) pros are emerging as recovery leaders – the ones with a high degree of adaptability and agility, and a pulse on changing consumer behavior. Just like chess grandmasters learned to do, SEM grandmasters are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to crack new variables and potentialize their creativity and adaptability. Learn how you can embrace AI and automation to do more with less. Read: Why SEM leaders are the ‘new normal’ marketing heroes.

Strategy #3: Market with purpose

Understanding what the people you serve value, and taking a more inclusive approach in your marketing, has been proven to increase brand and advertising performance. Search engine marketers have an opportunity to take an increased focus on inclusion, and it’s time that those inclusion initiatives make their way into the world of SEM.

Strategy #4: Prepare for the cookieless future

With the change in the data landscape, there is an opportunity with global privacy policies and restrictions to third-party cookies across browsers to build your first-party data and create a more transparent and rewarding value exchange with your customers.
Much like we saw in 2020, change has become a constant. Navigating through uncertainty, often with fewer resources, is the new normal. Some of the change fueled by what happened in 2020 will become permanent, so we want to help you recover by growing your business with more volume and new audiences, more efficiently.

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