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Celebrate with us and ‘share the love’

Decorative image of a montage of multicolored hearts with the Microsoft Audience Network logo and title 'Happy Valentine's Day -  Share the love'.
Over the last 2 weeks, our clients have taken center stage to reveal what they love about the Microsoft Audience Network. Through the ‘Share the love’ campaign, clients got to highlight their commitments to customer success and how Microsoft Advertising supports that. But ultimately, they got the chance to spread some love and positivity across our social media channels. 

A recipe for love

As our world changes, marketers continue to shift all their attention on connecting with real people and creating moments that matter for them. The key ingredients for brand love are creativity, innovation, and data. The Microsoft Audience Network combines all of the above ingredients to identify the most relevant audiences for your brand. This results in a powerful match between a person’s needs and an advertiser's offering to deliver even greater performance. Our audience marketing solution is powered by Microsoft audience intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) helping marketers drive brand love whilst complimenting the rest of their media strategy. What is not to love?
The ‘Share the love’ campaign highlighted these qualities and here is a taster of clients’ love for the Microsoft Audience Network:

Nicole Inacio, Head of Paid Media Operations, Stellar Search shared the love for native advertising, saying, ‘…it provides a chance to showcase brands and stories creatively.’ The Microsoft Audience Network ‘opens a door of opportunities to engage with users throughout the day.’ It supports ‘good looking ads, without seeming forceful but maintaining the integrity of the brand.’

Bill Davies, Digital Marketing Manager, MandM Direct opened his heart to reveal, ‘the set up was easy and the campaigns increase our reach across new placements, exceeding our search ROAS.’

Alex Gabarron, Media Director, Digitas UK spread the love and said, ‘Native allows us to increase clients brand visibility across platforms we were not doing before, like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft News’ and ‘one image allows us to get into multiple formats, making it hassle-free.’ 

This crazy little thing called love

We hope you enjoyed our Valentine celebrations over the last 2 weeks. If you are still wondering if you should dip your toe in and test the Microsoft Audience Network, let us know and we would be happy to help you decide. Discover more about the Microsoft Audience Network here.
Thank you Stellar Search, MandM Direct, Digitas UK and all our other clients who have joined us to show the love for the Microsoft Audience Network. Happy Valentine’s Day from Microsoft Advertising!