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Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner spotlight

Last month we announced the winners and finalists of the first ever Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration. Now, we want to put these Celebrated Partners in the spotlight. We interviewed the three winners to get an inside look on these companies, their history, objectives, partnership with Microsoft Advertising and more.

Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner, North America — JXT Group

Menachem Ani, Founder & CEO of JXT Group

Microsoft Advertising: Tell us about your company — its history, and current objectives.

Menachem Ani: At JXT Group, our goal is to make every client feel like they’re our only client. We intentionally keep our agency small so that we can devote our time and resources to delivering the best results for each and every campaign.

JXT Group was founded in 2009 by myself Menachem Ani (Founder & CEO), and I actually ran all our first campaigns myself. The campaigns were so successful that within a few years, we were one of the premiere online agencies in the digital marketing space. In 2013, we joined what was then the Bing Ads (now Microsoft Advertising) Accredited Agency Program, and a year later we even published a digital marketing case study in conjunction with Microsoft. 

This past November, JXT Group happily celebrated our 10-year anniversary. Though so many things have changed in the online space over the past decade, we’re still focused on performance and long-term relationships with our clients. Those fundamentals never change.

What is your company’s vision/mission/specialization?

Our mission at JXT Group is to make online marketing work for every client we serve. We do this by applying our deep understanding of the online retail space (with all its constantly evolving technical complexity), and figuring out creative, personalized marketing solutions to achieve the unique business goals of each client we serve.

Prior to founding JXT Group, I worked in-house for multiple different ecommerce companies, which is how I first learned both what makes online marketing successful and what businesses need. I transformed years of hands-on experience into a broad understanding of the business, which is now built into the fabric of every campaign we launch.
What product features offered by Microsoft Advertising do you rely on the most to achieve your vision?

The product feature that gets our clients their favorite results is Search+Shopping. By incorporating targeted audience data layered on top of it, the tool is very useful for reaching and ultimately engaging and building relationships with the client’s ideal customer.

How does your company embody inclusivity and giving?

We're always looking for ways to help our clients achieve success, even when it's not part of our scope of work. My personal and professional motto is: “Do what's right, and it'll benefit everyone.”

Additionally, we work on pro bono campaigns for a couple of non-profits to support local organizations that do good in our communities.

What differentiates you from your peers in the search advertising ecosystem?

AT JXT Group, we’re committed to treating each client like they’re our only one. It’s how we would want to be treated, how we’d want our friends and family to be treated — so that’s what we make a point to provide for each of our clients.

We believe our success is best measured by our clients gaining their desired results. So, we blend our tech expertise with innovative marketing and advertising strategies so that every cent a client spends is working in the best way possible to achieve their goals.

Though the online world continues to evolve at an accelerating rate, we find our clients always want personalization and they always want results, so that’s what we make sure to offer first and foremost.

Members of the JXT Group, a Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner in the US.
Congratulations to JXT Group and a huge thank you to all those that submitted nominations. Don’t miss our spotlights on Celebrated Partners from Australia and the UK! The next round of nominations for Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partners will be accepted April 6–26, 2020.
If you haven’t enrolled in the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program yet, make sure that you apply at so you’re eligible for the next round. As part of our mission to create a greener future by planting 250,000 trees in 2020, we’ll plant 10 trees for every new partner enrolled between now and July 2020, for the first 300 partners.
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