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Start big-picture planning for your small business

If you own a small business, you probably know search engine marketing (SEM) can help you achieve goals, but what if you lack the expertise?  This is the impetus behind the Bing Ads small business PPC webcasts, a three-part series that aims to help marketers and small business owners plan and execute SEM campaigns that can increase brand awareness and business. Register for the on-demand webcasts, and you’ll gain access to simple, effective game plans developed by the Bing Ads team with the small business owner in mind.

The first webcast, “You set the rhythm in the customer journey,”  focuses on a belief that the purchase funnel has been replaced by a circular journey — one that requires an intelligent small business owner to hold the customer’s hand as they walk through different touchpoints. According to the Customer Decision Journey study by McKinsey & Company, customers form impressions of your product, brand or service long before they are actively shopping, making it mandatory for your company to have a presence in search engine results, user reviews and social networks.

The second and third webcasts, “Get stuck in their heads with catchy ads” and “Create a Bing Ads campaign that steals the spotlight,” center on expanding your SEM skills. How can you locate the audience most valuable to your needs? How can Bing Ads tools help you gain market share? When the customer experiences a purchase trigger, how can you seal the deal? These and other questions will be explored by Bing Ads digital marketing veterans MJ DePalma, Matt Fisher and Aaron Lauper.

As a small business owner, you know that timing is everything. What if you could develop an “always on” campaign that would allow you more time to accomplish your business goals? One of the key topics in the second webcast explores why it’s important not only to ramp up for the major holidays, but also to develop a strategy that will keep you standing out from the competition all year round.

If SEM isn’t your area of expertise, you can rely on this three-part series to open your eyes to time-tested strategies. You’ll learn about the 11 pieces of content that the average consumer interacts with before making a purchase decision — and how to stay relevant throughout that journey. You’ll also learn how to capture the Bing Network audience, which spends more online than the average internet searcher.1

From the first webcast’s analysis of the Bing Network audience composition to the third webcast’s exploration of Bing Ads audience targeting options, the Small Business PPC series is your playbook for helping drive phone calls, leads, app downloads, in-store traffic or other business goals. So, register today for the on-demand webcasts, and get ready to get to work.

1. comScore qSearch, Explicit Core Search (custom), December 2016; the Bing Network includes Microsoft sites, Yahoo sites (searches powered by Bing) and AOL sites in the United States.