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Shaping the future of vendor marketing for e-commerce

PromoteIQ enables retailers to work directly with their brand partners to promote products—the right way.

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PromoteIQ is the trusted retail media solution to the largest global retailers

PromoteIQ empowers online retailers to scale their vendor marketing programs, generating incremental high-margin revenue and a premium marketing channel for brands

Enable your trusted brand partners to promote products, drive awareness, and increase on-site sales

Digital vendor marketing is a critical source of high-margin revenue for global e-commerce retailers. The PromoteIQ platform makes it easy for brands to promote products in a native and unobtrusive way—facilitated by the retailer with full control over the end-user experience.

PromoteIQ for retailers

Example of the control platform for featuring products.

Engage directly with in-market shoppers to drive awareness, discovery, and sales for your products

Online and offline retail channels are merging as retailers invest in modern site experiences and brand authority. Capitalize on the opportunity to influence in-market shoppers as they engage with their most trusted retail brands.

PromoteIQ for brands

Example of a featured product for the search of "soda" as seen on a monitor and a cell phone.

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