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When you have great ratings, tell your customers about it. Microsoft Advertising Review Extensions let you display a positive review, award or ranking by an independent, respected third-party source directly in your ad.
Show off positive opinions in your ads.

Why Review Ad Extensions?

  • Build trust.
    Strengthen your brand by showing off reviews by peers, customers and leaders based on their experience with your business.

  • Free clicks.
    Ratings are clickable and free to you when your customers click them.

  • Larger, more visible ad.
    Give your ads a bigger footprint and a better chance of attracting attention from quality customers.

More benefits:

  • Works in combination with other Microsoft Bing ad extensions.
  • Uses the same, easy setup tool as all other extensions in Microsoft Advertising.

Add review extensions

Review Extension shown displayed under a search ad. 

What’s the cost?

Review Extensions from Microsoft Advertising are free to activate and included in your ads. Clicks on Review Extensions are free of charge and customers are directed to the source of third-party reviews.

Start using Review Extensions

Learn how to add Review Extensions to your campaigns and show off the great ratings your business has earned. For further enhancements, check out Image Extensions and Call Extensions.


  Add Review Extensions