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Welcome to Open Perspectives 2022

April 2022

Insights & trends
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Open Perspectives 2022 is a virtual event series facilitated by Microsoft Advertising, which aims to create open and genuine conversations around issues and challenges that impact us all. Everyone who has an interest in the discussed topic is welcome.

This session’s focus is on sustainable advertising in the e-commerce world, its impact on the daily businesses, as well as on the planning process of advertisers and brands.

The pressure on the industry to be responsible and make a difference has never been more prominent.

Did you know that…
91% of people questioned wanted brands to demonstrate they are making positive choices about the planet and environment more explicitly in everything they do. 77% of people globally say that in five years’ time, they only want to be spending money with brands who practice green and sustainable advertising. 84% of global consumers in the study said they would be more likely to buy from a company that practices sustainable media advertising.

(Source: The Rise of Sustainable Media, dentsu international and Microsoft Advertising, 2021, Home - Sustainable Media (

Together with Stefanie Kuhnhen, Chief Strategy Officer from Serviceplan Group and Anna Lungley, Chief Sustainability Officer from Dentsu International, we’ll discover what is needed to get started with sustainable advertising and how to connect and combine digital transformation with sustainability initiatives.

This session is for everyone, so feel free to share this event with colleagues, family and friends!

Join our session and get ready to make a difference!

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