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Collaboration between Roku and Microsoft drives new ad insights and strategies

Future-proof your Search strategy and TV Streaming reach with combined consumer data and insights, powered by the Microsoft x Roku collaboration

As we shift into a post-cookie world, digital media decision makers are challenged with how to measure the effectiveness of advertising across devices. Marketers are asking, “How do TV Streaming and Search work together? How does search advertising influence consumer behaviors and play a role in full funnel marketing?”

For the first time, advertisers can now leverage TV Streaming to reach consumers at any point along the purchase funnel. And for the first time, advertisers can now start to learn more about how consumers begin to research, consider, and ultimately purchase products.  

Learn how Microsoft and Roku together can elevate your ad strategy and execution with combined insights into search and search purchase behaviors.

Join us to discover further validation that a strategic, multi-channel strategy is effective in your advertising efforts. 

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