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TUI climbs to the top with Audience ads

January 2024

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​​The goal​

The vision of is to be the ultimate destination for travelers, with a focus on making travel experiences special for every customer.

TUI’s goal was more website traffic to inspire dream vacation booking. TUI also wanted to reward returning customers with personalized offers and recommendations.

To achieve conversions at a low cost and deepen customer loyalty, TUI teamed up with Microsoft Advertising, Adcore, and Adchieve to leverage Audience ads.

​​The solution​

Audience ads enabled TUI to drive highly personalized engagements with ideal customers,
powered by Microsoft AI.

TUI tested ad creative for different holiday offers, leveraging Microsoft’s first-party intent data to ensure highly relevant ad placements were tailored to resonate with each unique customer. Overall, TUI increased website traffic and conversions by:

​Prospecting—using different in-market audiences to reach new website visitors.
Retargeting—remarketing to customers who visited TUI’s website in the last 30 days.

TUI’s collaboration with Microsoft Advertising, Adcore, and Adchieve, empowered TUI to achieve our business goals, by focusing on boosting conversions and building a strong customer base. This has been successful, despite challenges like maximizing conversions at a low cost per conversion in our competitive landscape.

— Jeroen Maaijen, Manager Digital Performance Marketing at TUI Netherlands

The results

TUI effectively reached more consumers in the upper funnel and moved them more quickly towards conversion to drive a meaningful, overall lift.

To drive performance, Audience ads were leveraged to create a 111% YoY growth in the number of micro-conversions with a 106% increase in YoY spends. Plus, when consumers were exposed to both Search ads and Audience ads, they were 2.4x more likely to visit the TUI site and 3.6x more likely to convert.

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