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Improve Your Account Health with Automated Rules

Every Search Engine Marketing (SEM) guru knows that investing the time to set up automated rules will improve the health of an account, whilst saving time on manual optimisations in the long run. Automated rules can be used to optimise specific performance metrics so your account can continue to grow without relying on your constant time and attention.

Maybe your account has tight cost per acquisition (CPA) restrictions. Or you’ve decided that you want to maintain the optimal position on mobile for an important keyword. Once you have a clear understanding of the goals of your Bing Ads account, this feature has the potential to make your work in the account a whole lot easier.   

The below best practice rules can be tweaked to suit your account’s goals and needs. Keep in mind, for certain goals it may make sense to set the rule to fire each day while others can be set to weekly or monthly.

Improve your performance metrics  

Improving the click-through-rate (CTR) of your account starts at the ad and keyword level, and these rules can help set the baseline for performance.

  • Bids increased by 10%: Clicks greater than 50, CTR less than 1%
  • Bids increased by 20%: Clicks less than 50, CTR greater than 1%

The “Notify me when…” feature is particularly useful when identifying opportunities to improve and update ad copy.

 ·    “Pause Ad” or “Notify me when”: Impressions greater than or equals 100, CTR less than or equals 0.5%

For campaigns where Average Position is a priority (such as brand) these rules can be applied.

·    Bids increased by 20%: Below position 3

·    Bids increased by 10%: Between positions 3 & 1.3

However, if you are wanting to apply rules across the account to improve average position, as well as conversion numbers and cost per acquisition (CPA), then the below rules may be more useful.

·    Bids increased by 20%:  Below position 3, Conversions greater than 1, CPA less than CPA target

·    Bids increased by 10%: Between positions 3 & 1.3, Conversions greater than 1, CPA less than CPA target

If you have a CPA target, these rules will help you keep within your restrictions so that you never have to worry about exceeding budget.

·    Bids decreased by 10%: Spend less than or equals 150% of CPA target, Conversions equals 0

·    Bids decreased by 20%: Spend greater than or equals 150% of CPA target, Conversions equals 0

Finally, we know on Bing Ads, Quality Score is determined by CTR, ad copy relevance and landing page experience, the below rule will help identify keywords that are impacting your performance.

·    Pause keyword or Notify me when: Quality Score less than 5

As you can see, automated rules can be applied in different ways in order to achieve your goals.

For more information and additional resource visit the Bing Ads Help page