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Australian retailers, are your holiday campaigns optimised for impact?

The Microsoft Advertising webinar series is back for another session on 31 October. Attendees will have exclusive access to industry experts and their knowledge, and insights on topics that are currently shaping the world of digital advertising. The webinar series explores the latest consumer trends, how audiences are evolving their shopping behaviour across Australia, and how the most recent product developments from Microsoft Advertising can make a brand truly stand out.
This next webinar will dive into the latest retail trends, insights and products to help you build your brand and your business this holiday season.  We’ll explore highlights from last year's holiday season, trends across retail segments, shifts in online behaviour and the best optimisation actions.
Considering the intensity of shopping demand that we expect this year, having the right ads in place will be more important than ever before. With such a competitive peak, it’s important to take every advantage to maximise your reach — and Microsoft Advertising is here to help you do just that.
To learn more about Australian retail insights, register now for the Microsoft Advertising webinar on 31 October 2019, from 9-10 a.m. (AEST)