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Get ahead of competitors with key Travel trends

June 2022

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A man sits on a train and uses his cellphone. His bags are next to him on an empty seat.

With 64% of Americans planning to spend more money on international travel than they have in the previous year, now is the perfect time to get ahead of competitors for travel to Europe.

We’re finding that clicks and searches are diversified throughout top European destinations such as the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Italy. Popular destinations in Europe continue to see positive metrics between Covid-related measures and searches and clicks for key subcategories. Pent-up travel demand and willingness to spend are creating great opportunities in lodging, while land transportation continues to see strong momentum in 2022. Promote investment in top countries with a diversified bid strategy to reach this high-value audience.

When planning your campaigns, be sure to leverage the Microsoft Audience Network to reach users with a longer decision journey and influence their final decision-making process. You can also layer relevant in-market audiences for search and audience campaigns to reach travelers while cross-shopping.

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