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2021 Consumer Retail Trends Report

February 2021

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  • Retail

Understand some of the key retail trends that will define consumer behavior and influence advertising strategies with the Microsoft Advertising 2021 Consumer Retail Trends Report.

The future of consumer behavior in Retail

2020 was the year of observing rapid consumer behavior changes and trends. The pandemic accelerated evolving consumer behaviors including how consumers shop and what they buy, as well as heightened expectations about their customer experiences. Our 2021 Consumer Retail Trends Report unravels new and existing trends in Retail and e-commerce that marketers should look for, and how brands can adapt to meet these trends.

Quantified meets qualified data

In our 2021 Consumer Retail Trends Report you’ll find a mix of search data and consumer survey data from our research partners at Suzy. We took a deep dive into the Retail vertical and discovered some interesting themes:

  • The end of more.
  • The move to low impact consumerism is here to stay.
  • DIY projects saw a significant increase.
  • 27% of respondents said their shopping through independent, local, small businesses increased since March 2020.
  • 35% more consumers are likely to spend money on home improvements or renovations in the future.

This is just a summary of the rich insights you’ll find in our 2021 Consumer Retail Trends report. Download and use this report to help plan and execute your digital advertising strategies in Retail this year.