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Brand engagement across the Microsoft Audience Network

March 2021

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With the growing concerns around online privacy, advertisers need to make sure they’re still able to reach their target audiences in a compliant way. Microsoft Audience Network continues to be a great resource for advertisers, as it is powered by billions of first-party compliant data signals which are used to identify consumer intent and push advertisers down the marketing funnel.

Microsoft Advertising Insights tested the impact that native ad exposure had on the three stages of the marketing funnel: awareness, consideration and conversion. We performed an experiment using a control group to compare online search behavior between those who saw Microsoft Audience ads and those who did not. We first looked at overall change, regardless of which category an advertiser fell into. We then took it a step further, to compare how brand lift varied across various industry categories including: Retail, Automotive, Financial Services, and Technology and Telecommunications. Our results showed that those who received Microsoft Audience ad exposure had greater brand lift across all three stages compared to those who did not get served a native ad. This remained true for all categories we tested, establishing that the value of the Microsoft Audience Network spans across all industries.

Download the insights to discover how the impact varied across the marketing funnel as well as how our recommended strategies can help you plan your budget accordingly.

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