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2019 Voice report: Consumer adoption of voice technology and digital assistants

April 2019

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Search is moving from a place of answers to a state of action

The age of touch as the primary user interface is giving way to a new age of voice and digital assistants.

Consumers can now engage with search engines on a deeper level and in more meaningful ways by the power of their voice. But voice itself is not the next big disruptor. There is an even bigger disruption on the horizon: Conversational AI and its impact on consumer behavior. Voice assistance is becoming the norm, as 72% of surveyed respondents reported using a digital assistant in the past 6 months. While voice technology and digital assistants are still in the early stages of adoption, they are on the cusp of crossing the chasm into mainstream adoption. As marketers, we need to start preparing our conversational AI strategies today to stay ahead of the curve.

This report analyzes the latest voice disruption and the subsequent larger disruption of conversational AI looming ahead. The findings are based on two separate consumer-focused surveys and Microsoft internal data across five core themes to give you better understanding of:

  • The adoption and usage of voice technology and digital assistants.
  • Consumer trust in voice technology.
  • The functionality of digital assistants and voice skills.
  • The evolution of shopping and voice commerce (vCommerce).

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