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Experience new growth possibilities with Microsoft Advertising today >

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Experience the future of advertising with Performance Max

Work together with Microsoft’s AI to maximize your conversions across Microsoft properties, all from a single campaign.

Revolutionize your advertising campaigns

Drive performance towards your goals

You provide the inputs to effectively reach audiences across the Microsoft network.

Simplify to uplevel your impact

Get back free time with one single hassle-free setup for multi-channel performance.

Future-proof your business

Our industry-leading AI allows you to stay on top of consumer trends and stand strong against competitors.

Combine the power of engaging ads and best-in-class artificial intelligence

Your ad content adapts to match user intent and entice more clicks with multiple ad formats and placements across the Microsoft Network.

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Promote your products and reach shoppers with relevant ads at the point of purchase through predictive targeting.

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Use audience signals, bid strategies, and tracking goals that drive the best performance from your budget.

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Let Performance Max tell your story

In the right place, at the right time

We’ll put you in the spotlight where your customers are, expanding your reach to audiences who are most likely to convert.

Learn more about our Audience targeting tools

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Example of a flower shop advertisement on Microsoft platforms.

With the right message

Based on your initial inputs and URL, Microsoft's AI will generate new asset recommendations for your campaign to create more engaging messages and imagery.

Learn more about best practices for images

How to get started

You can import your Performance Max campaigns from Google Ads, or set up your own Microsoft campaign in 3 easy steps:

Define your goals

Performance Max optimizes based on the types of conversions that you indicate are worth most to your business.

Add creative assets

Providing as many high-quality text and image assets as possible helps you create more relevant ads for customers.

Create audience signals

Share which types of customers are most valuable to you and more likely to convert, and Performance Max will optimize towards those users across our unique Microsoft network.

Talk to an expert today

Reach out to our team of specialists to explore how Performance Max can revolutionize your advertising.

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Get started today

Take action now by signing up for a campaign that will reshape your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Visit our help site to learn how to make the most of your Performance Max campaigns.

Are keywords used in Performance Max campaigns?

No, Performance Max campaigns are built to maximize your performance with your strategy, assets, and audience signals. To help as an optimization tool, you can use negative keywords.

What should I set for a budget and target?

Set a budget according to your weekly historical search and audience spend to start. If your goal is to drive spend and traffic and allow the PMAX campaigns and bid strategies to learn, it’s recommended to start without a target and add one later once the campaign gets more history.

How do Performance Max campaigns interact with other campaigns?

Exact Match keywords in Search campaigns are prioritized over Performance Max campaigns, and Performance Max campaigns are prioritized over smart shopping and standard shopping campaigns. Otherwise, there is no hard prioritization, and the best ranked ad enters the auction (therefore does not impact CPCs).