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Microsoft Advertising Insights: The travel consumer decision journey

June 2021

Insights & trends
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Explore how consumers plan their vacations in this new age of travel

What impact has COVID-19 had on the travel industry, and what will 2021 travel look like? What trends will persist beyond the pandemic, and what will these trends mean for advertisers?

Microsoft Advertising Insights set out to explore how consumers plan their vacations in this new age of travel. We examined the consumer decision journey across multi-line travelers — those who purchased multiple travel products for a trip. So whether you're a small business travel advertiser or a major hotel chain, you'll find these insights applicable.

If you’re interested in learning more about how consumers in the US and UK prioritize their travel needs and how you can best reach them throughout the consumer decision journey, join us on June 23rd at 8AM PST.

We’ll also cover four travel advertiser tips you should be using right now. So what you are you waiting for, register today and get ready to learn how pent-up travel demand will provide a promising start to summer vacations. 

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Stein Broeder

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Cristiano Ventura

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Kelli Kemery

Market Research Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Kelli is lead researcher on the Microsoft Advertising Market Intelligence team where she spends her days researching consumer perceptions, adoption of new tech, influences on digital marketing, and how advertising influences consumer behavior and perceptions.  She has been in market research for over a decade, working with brands like YouTube, Capital One, Bank of America, and more before joining the Market Intelligence team at Microsoft. She is a passionate storyteller, working to help brands build strong emotional connections with their consumers. Her goal is to teach brands how to be inclusive, trustworthy and responsible, while showing the power of marketing with a purpose.  

Kevin Klein

Analytical Lead

Microsoft Advertising