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The Psychology of Inclusion and the Effects in Advertising: Gen Z

July 2020

  • Research
  • White paper
Microsoft Advertising conducted a series of research studies to help determine how inclusion in advertising, if at all, plays a role with consumers. We set out to understand the psychology in play when experiencing inclusion in advertising and if there were any quantifiable effects. In this whitepaper, we summarise insights to help you gain an understanding of why surfacing inclusion in your business strategy and advertising can not only make a difference in your business, but in the world as we know it. We also share ideas for applying the research.

Below are the 5 key research insights we unpack in this whitepaper:
  1. Inclusive advertising drives trust.
  2. Inclusive business drives loyalty.
  3. Inclusive advertising drives purchase intent.
  4. Words matter and so do images.
  5. Playing it safe is riskier than taking a stand.

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