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The future of programmatic native

May 2022

Insights & trends

Duration: 33:57


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Join us for a conversation between Advertiser Perceptions and Microsoft Advertising. You’ll get a unique view into challenges other native advertising decision makers face, the opportunities to take advantage of now, and actions that may put you ahead.

Against the backdrop of uncertainty including the deprecation of third-party cookies, and a continued focus on consumer privacy, programmatic native advertising is well positioned to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

This webcast will focus on sentiments shared by advertising executives and agency leads from recent interviews, and what they are planning to adapt to industry change. From a focus on first party data, to implementing a multi-channel strategy, auditing performance measurements and maintaining control through brand safety – we’ll talk about the trends we are seeing, and how you can improve your native strategy with the Microsoft Audience Network to grow your business.


Stein Broeder

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Pedro Bojikian

Product Marketing Group Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Pedro leads the Audiences and Reach team responsible for connecting the work of our product development groups to advertisers.

After years overseeing campaigns and marketing plans for Windows devices and Microsoft’s online services, he now helps Brands to meet their volume and targeting needs across Search, Native and Display advertising. He also drives key conversations about the phase out of third-party cookies and how Microsoft Advertising can help during this transition. 

Lauren Fisher

VP Business Intelligence

Advertiser Perceptions

Lauren Fisher comes to Advertiser Perceptions with a background in digital advertising and marketing. Lauren has extensive experience translating complex digital topics into meaningful insights and compelling stories. Lauren spent nearly a decade as a lead analyst at research firm eMarketer, where she wrote about topics such as programmatic advertising, measurement, privacy, customer experience and identity. Prior to eMarketer, Lauren spent several years at B2B search engine in product and content marketing roles. Lauren is a passionate industry speaker and a proud Penn State graduate.