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The rise of sustainable travel in Europe

April 2021

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As more people become vaccinated and lockdown restrictions start easing up, we will begin to see direct impacts on European travel as a result. Microsoft Advertising Insights has made predictions on changes we can expect for the travel industry in upcoming years, especially regarding sustainability.

Tourism previously accounted for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions but has steadily been declining since COVID-19 because of the lockdowns. While most global travelers see the positive impact of sustainable travel and expect the industry to adapt, younger generations are the most outspoken. Additionally, over half of consumers expressed that companies such as cruise lines, hotels, airlines, etc. are making progress with sustainability, but “could be doing more.”

Now is the time to act as we predict an uptick shortly in domestic travel. People will still focus on social distancing, with 63% of consumers saying they will be “avoiding overly busy attractions” in the future when travelling. We’re also seeing a trend in giving back to communities post COVID-19, with 67% of respondents expressing that they “want their travel choices to support the recovery of the destinations they visit.”

If you’re a travel brand it’s important to stay on top of these trends we’re seeing happen across the marketplace. Download the insights today to learn what you can be doing to stand out in this competitive industry.

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