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Airport transfer company expands customer base with Bing Ads

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Sun-drenched and at ease among Barcelona’s bars and world-famous architecture, exceeds expectations of how a European travel company looks and works.

The booking company provides low-cost private and shared door-to-door transfers for its 25- to 64-year-old customer base travelling on holiday for leisure. operates in more than 500 airports worldwide, with its five main destinations being Barcelona, Mallorca, Malaga, Faro and Alicante.

Nathan Timmins, digital marketing director at, knows both the search engine marketing (SEM) and travel sectors well. He joined from the holiday destination group TUI, where he was head of digital marketing in Europe, before seizing the opportunity to work with

“The location was an obvious draw,” explains Timmins, who joined the business in the winter of 2016. “But it was the exciting potential this company presented that was the bigger draw. It’s growing and adapting well to such a rapidly developing sector.”

He specifically mentions the growth of certain technologies that have shaped his job. “The evolution [of SEM] has been interesting: it has become much more personalised and targeted, so there’s more opportunity now to develop long-term customer relationships.”

Capturing the attention of its audiences “in the moment” is a key requirement for — more so than many other Bing Ads customers because their service is normally the final consideration users make when arranging their holiday. “We’re strong advocates of paid search because it has so many benefits for us,” adds Timmins. “Working with Bing Ads has helped us ensure we’re capturing the right audiences at the right time and capitalising on key buying moments.”

Working with Bing Ads has helped us ensure we’re capturing the right audiences at the right time and capitalising on key buying moments.

— Nathan Timmins, digital marketing director,

Maximising loyalty

Photograph of Nathan Timmons

Nathan Timmins,
digital marketing director,

For Timmins and his team, ensuring that’s customers understand the value the business provides is critical to fostering long-term loyalty.

“Around 60% of our revenue comes from returning customers, so making sure our customers have a great experience with us and book again is a key part of our strategy,” explains Meherana Hoq, marketing executive at

The Bing Ads team is already helping Timmins juggle the management of campaigns across languages and countries as continues to grow. This support has provided with a unified view of how each country campaign is performing, which makes it much easier for Timmins and his team to check performance and adjust activities accordingly.

This analysis also highlighted another challenge for the need to reconfigure its booking process. With a six-step booking form, some customers were dropping out before completing the process.

Crucially, wanted to increase its click-through and conversion rates on campaigns, while seeking to keep the cost per acquisition (CPA) to a minimum. With a multi-tiered Bing Ads solution — which included Image Extensions and Remarketing in Paid Search — the company successfully met that aim. Bing Ads also helped identify several key audience groups that were previously untapped by the brand.

“One of the best things about Bing Ads is that it provides you with all the tools you need to analyse and manage paid search campaigns, while also monitoring the budget that’s spent,” explains Hoq.

Re-engaging with customers

Suntransfers data table Data Table

Since joining the business, Timmins has worked with the Bing Ads team to introduce Remarketing in Paid Search across all campaigns. “We knew we were losing customers across our six-step form. Once we undertook a restructure of our website, we decided we should recapture a proportion of those lost customers through Remarketing in Paid Search,” Timmins says.

Timmins and his team can now segment groups of customers based on how far they get in the booking process. Remarketing messaging is then tailored to suit these different groups — the further along the booking process, the more urgent the messaging.

To optimise its ads further and use the diverse range of Bing Ads features, has also deployed Image Extensions and Sitelink Extensions. This being the travel industry, photographs help ads immeasurably to showcase holiday transfer transportation, and the extensions proved useful in promoting additional information regarding services, reviews and contact pages.

Customer loyalty has risen thanks to this targeted and information-rich approach. Consumers better understand the offering and therefore are more likely to return to complete a transaction or make another booking.

“Remarketing in Paid Search is a technology we strongly believe in,” adds Timmins. “We’ve seen huge increases in our conversion rates since this strategy began, and it’s because we can tailor our messaging and re-advertise to customers in one simple solution with Bing Ads.”

Bing Ads also allows the business to test out these strategies in specific destinations first to see what works. Image Extensions were first used for destinations across Greece before being rolled out across every ad campaign.

Bing Ads provides you with better results in comparison to the amount of money invested. It also gives us the confidence that our message is being delivered to a receptive audience and reaching the correct target.

— Nathan Timmins, digital marketing director,

A positive relationship

Suntransfers data table

Meherana Hoq,
marketing executive,’s relationship with Bing Ads continues to be “very successful,” according to Timmins. In fact, it’s contributing to the business’ significant year-on-year growth.

Compared to the leading alternative channel, Bing Ads delivered three times higher click-through rates, a 66% conversation rate and a 7% lower CPA for’s campaigns in 2016.

“Bing Ads is always a quick win,” adds Hoq. “It helps us reach a new group of customers, and it delivers a much higher ROI than other leading alternatives. What else can you ask for?”

Furthermore, with competition being less fierce with Bing Ads than other platforms, the return on investment is typically two times higher.

“Bing Ads has quickly become the best way for us to get consistent traffic from our campaigns and helps us achieve our aim to increase customer loyalty across Europe,” adds Hoq.

In addition to the promising results from campaigns so far, Timmins was quick to say that Bing Ads technical support has been unwavering, noting that its personalised team helped answer queries and fix issues along the journey.

“Bing Ads provides you with better results in comparison to the amount of money invested,” Timmins says. “It also gives us the confidence that our message is being delivered to a receptive audience and reaching the correct target.”

With that in mind, Timmins and the Bing Ads team are already looking ahead at other features the business can adopt to further refine’s approach.

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