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myposter goes visual with Bing Ads — with resounding success

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Online photo printing expert drives growth with Bing Ads

Paid search boosts creative growth

myposter GmbH logo

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Munich, myposter GmbH is an e-commerce company that specialises in customised printing. It is one of the top five companies in the photo printing sector, offering services to both private and corporate customers.

myposter’s comprehensive portfolio covers everything from photo printing on a range of materials — such as canvas, adhesive film and acrylic — to framed pictures and photo albums. All prints and frames come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured at the company’s own factory in Bergkirchen.

“Customers can upload their photos to our website and customise them before printing,” says Manuel Kobel, head of online marketing at myposter. “We provide an extensive range of customisable options, including colours, themes and designs. You can order any product to your specific measurements, down to the nearest millimetre. This is ideal when it comes to things like filling a gap on your wall, decorating a piece of furniture, or dressing up your walk-in wardrobe. All our products boast the top-class ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal, and we print and deliver them directly to our customers’ homes or offices.”

According to Kobel, myposter’s success is down to its combination of price and service. “Simply put, we offer the best package,” he says. “What really counts to us is making sure that our customers are happy when they open their package. And with myposter, they can count on receiving a high-quality product every time.”

When it comes to standing out from the crowd in the fiercely competitive printing industry, quality isn’t the only important factor. You need campaigns, partners and tools alongside a robust workforce. It’s also about the entire customer experience, which means providing a great end-to-end service and a user-friendly website and app.

myposter is committed to this strategy — and it has paid off. With an average annual growth rate of 102%, myposter recorded revenue of more than €9.5 million at the end of 2015.

As an internet-only business, myposter relies on its online marketing strategy to maintain this success. Paid search is its most important marketing tool, helping it to boost traffic, attract attention and, ultimately, increase sales.

“Paid search is incredibly important for us,” says Kobel. “It’s really easy to measure and it’s a ‘pull’ medium, which means that when a customer visits our site, we know we’ve specified the right keywords. Measurability leads to success — you can directly target, encourage and retain customers.”

myposter has been working with Bing Ads for a number of years now to make sure it’s getting the most out of paid search. According to July-Ann Tijmes, SEM lead at myposter, Bing Ads has accelerated innovation in search over the last few years, particularly since the launch of Windows 10. “Bing Ads is a very strong partner for us. In the last few years, we have more than tripled our use of Bing Ads and generated additional revenue,” says Tijmes.

Bing Ads is a very strong partner for us. In the last few years, we have more than tripled our use of Bing Ads and generated additional revenue.

— July-Ann Tijmes, SEM lead, myposter GmbH

Image Extensions that speak to the world

Manuel Kobel headshot

Manuel Kobel, head of online marketing,
myposter GmbH

“One of our goals is to become the main digital printing provider in Europe,” says Kobel. “We recently entered the Benelux markets, so we’re now active in 10 countries.” myposter needed to fine-tune its online marketing campaigns, however, to help continue its growth throughout Europe.

Throughout the expansion process, myposter focused on ensuring that its website and recently launched app were as user-friendly as possible. The photo printing expert was already using Product Ads and ad extensions, such as Enhanced Sitelinks and Image Extensions, to provide customers with an outstanding and dynamic user experience.

“Our competitors offer low prices, but they can rarely match the quality that myposter offers. As an online provider, conveying the quality of our products to our customers is a real challenge,” explains Kobel. This is particularly the case for search engines where results are traditionally displayed in text format.

myposter wanted to target its customers even more directly, so the team contacted its Bing Ads account manager to talk about further optimising paid search. “We always look forward to these meetings. Our Bing Ads account manager gives us great input, which helps us to come up with ideas and make our campaigns even better,” says Kobel.

New products were also introduced during the course of expansion. One of these was the intuitive photo album designer, which customers can use to create and design completely customised photo albums. Once they've uploaded their photos to the website, they can then use the intuitive photo album software and creative templates to transform their photos into a unique keepsake. As soon as customers have put together their personal photo album in the format and design that they want, the album is then printed and delivered directly to their door within three days.

To generate revenue, new products need to be advertised and marketed. “Search has become so much more than just text,” explains Kobel. Today, many potential customers’ searches are emotionally driven, and this is reflected in the number of visual tools that are available. Experience has shown that, in the visual world of photos, image ads achieve the best response. This is why myposter decided to focus more on Image Extensions in the past year.

The right partner, the right tools

July-Ann Tijmes headshot

July-Ann Tijmes, SEM lead, myposter GmbH

myposter found that Bing Ads Image Extensions were the perfect way to visually present all its products, including photo albums.

“Image Extensions are having a positive effect on our search rankings,” says Kobel. “We now have an immediate visual representation of our products, and because images are naturally more eye-catching, they get more clicks.”

This visual experience makes it much easier for myposter to convey the quality and customisable nature of its photo albums, and indeed for all of its products. Being able to see an attractive, high-quality myposter product makes a positive impression on customers, especially new customers, because it sparks their interest and they’re more likely to click on it. The results speak for themselves. According to July-Ann Tijmes, the click-through rates for Bing Ads campaigns with Image Extensions are considerably higher than other myposter campaigns.

Thanks to Enhanced Sitelinks, myposter can significantly increase the size of its ads. This is ideal for brand campaigns or for marketing new products that don’t yet have any assigned keywords because Enhanced Sitelinks offer two lines where you can add personalised descriptive text.

Bing Ads Intelligence provides the myposter team with detailed analysis and reports, which help ensure the company reacts to different keywords, preferences, trends and seasonal events in real time. This approach helps myposter reach even more customers in a faster, more targeted way across multiple devices.

“The in-depth reports from Bing Ads provide us with an excellent basis for optimally adjusting our campaigns. As a result, in Q1 2017 we achieved around 50% more conversions at the same conversion rate compared to Q1 2016,” says Tijmes.

“It’s also important to conduct cross-account audits, so we can get a broad overview and see how we’re doing with Bing Ads compared to other platforms,” Tijmes says. “This kind of data is enormously helpful, but it’s difficult for us to compile without Bing Ads.”

Callout Extensions are also used to improve the already excellent user experience and give customers the opportunity to get in touch directly.

Image Extensions are having a positive effect on our search rankings. We now have an immediate visual representation of our products, and because images are naturally more eye-catching, they get more clicks.

— Manuel Kobel, head of online marketing, myposter GmbH

Growth at the forefront

myposter GmbH Data Table

myposter GmbH Data Table

“Over the years, Bing Ads has proven itself to be a true channel partner and has helped myposter to grow,” explains Kobel. Just like myposter, Bing Ads is committed to continuous innovation and is experiencing growth in its own market, as well as launching — in Kobel’s words — “sophisticated and exciting products.”

Part of increasing sales also involves targeting customers who use the native search function in Windows 10.

“With Bing Ads, we can reach customers that would have been out of reach if we’d used a larger competitor’s browser,” explains Kobel. Even though the Bing Network audience is potentially smaller than competitors, it's much more targeted, which leads to good conversion rates.

“And that means additional revenue,” says Kobel. “But that’s not all. The click-through rates with Bing Ads are comparable to those of the competition, and with a cost per click of €0.93 and a return on ad spend of 234%, the results are impressive.”

As myposter’s use of Bing Ads has more than tripled in a short space of time, the marketing team has begun to focus more on optimising its use of Bing Ads. Innovation is certainly paying off, not just in driving growth, but also in boosting the company’s reputation. For example, myposter was selected as one of the winners of the “Bing Ads Features — Update & Celebrate” campaign.

Kobel offers a top tip: “A positive, cooperative partnership based on an equal footing is the key to success.” Thanks to its collaboration with Bing Ads, myposter succeeded in winning new customers and increasing revenue by an additional 75%.

According to Kobel, competition boosts overall growth too.

“Thanks to increased market presence, Bing Ads is making innovation a reality. Things are moving forward, and the innovation cycle is being driven more strongly than ever before. The best example of this is Image Extensions, which are one of Bing Ads’ unique selling points,” says Kobel. “We’re already looking forward to the next batch of innovations to come from Bing Ads.”

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