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The Download, Episode 14: Travel is back!

What do exploration, adventure, relaxation, and work have in common? Travel! In episode 14 of The Download, we’re taking you on a trip.

Travel is back, and more than half of adults in the US are planning a trip in the next month. With 49% of the global workforce having the option to work remotely or from home, the meaning of travel has evolved for many: Meet the Digital Nomad.

This episode’s topics include:

  • Travel insights with Liam Mackessy, who kicks off the episode by unpacking data and trends to help you tread the waters of the travel zeitgeist. Find out the strategies you can take today to reach those ready to explore.
  • ReThink Tank, a new segment about linking human attention to mental availability. According to Chrissie Hanson, OMD’s Global Chief Strategy Officer, “Attention is the most important currency of the 21st century.” Watch as we discuss the topic of mental availability in this inaugural segment.
  • Next stop: Mexico! Our client spotlight is with Volaris CEO Enrique Beltranena, who explains how this low-cost Mexican airline not only survived but thrived during the pandemic by doing good by their employees, their customers, and the planet.
  • Product Pop-Up, all about vertical advertising experiences. Watch as travel expert Cristiano Ventura discusses industry-optimized solutions that can help your brand reach travelers in a personalized, engaging way.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

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