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Improve campaign performance by reaching the right audience at the right time with Custom Audiences. A custom audience is a type of remarketing list that is generated by using first-party data to create richer user segments. When your data management platform (DMP) connects into our Custom Audiences feature, you can then import the Custom Audience segments you’ve already created into Microsoft Advertising for search remarketing. Custom Audiences work like remarketing, and can be associated to ad groups as target and bid, bid-only or as an exclusion.

Sharpen audience targeting using your own rich, first-party customer data.

What are Custom Audiences?

Here are a few examples of Custom Audience segments that can be used as a remarketing list:

  • Purchase history
  • Renewal period
  • Lifetime value
  • Time since last purchase
  • Tenure
  • Status tier
  • Subscriber type
  • Customer referrals

Why use Custom Audiences?

  • Uses your data

    Custom Audiences allow you to use your incredibly rich, first-party audience data from sources like your CRM database to create audience segments that cannot easily be created with website activity alone.

  • Be efficient

    Scale your online advertising efforts: Create and manage an audience list to use both in Microsoft Advertising and across other ad platforms, rather than separately for each platform.

  • Boost performance

    Custom segment lists can be as focused as you’d like — which may help attract specific customers. Custom Audiences can also help lower your cost per acquisition while increasing your conversion rate and return on ad spend.

Get started with Custom Audiences

To get started, your DMP needs to do two things:

  1. Integrate our Custom Audience APIs into their platform
  2. Agree to our data sharing and privacy policy

Depending on the DMP, they will have their own enablement steps within their software.


Once your DMP is integrated with Microsoft Advertising you can:

  1. Select Microsoft Bing as a destination in your DMP
  2. Select audience segments you want to share with Bing
  3. Once audiences show up on Microsoft Advertising, associate the segment with appropriate ad groups
  4. Adjust bids and layer targeting on top of existing campaigns

To learn more about associating custom audiences, check out What are custom audiences and how do I set it up?


Reach the right audience

If your DMP has integrated our Custom Audience APIs into their platform and agreed to our data sharing and privacy policy, then you’re ready to start marketing.