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Pankesh Jhaveri

Principal Program Manager – Microsoft Advertising

BLOG POSTS BY Pankesh Jhaveri

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New from Bing Ads: Image Extensions

Including an image in your ads with Image Extensions can help increase clicks and grab attention. This new ad extension from Bing Ads enables you to upload up to 6 images alongside your ad copy and any other extensions. Image extensions are available across all markets and images will serve on both PC and Tablet across the Bing network. Why Use Image Extensions? Visuals can help set your ad apart. Image extensions are a way to visually promote your product or service, help increase traffic, rais...

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App Extensions now available in Bing Ads

Appification is the new norm. As consumers spend more time on mobile devices, advertisers are increasingly asking for ways to reach relevant customers and promote their apps. With millions of apps available across multiple platforms, app discoverability is the key challenge. Ads that help users discover apps account for 25 percent of all mobile ad investment. We’re pleased to announce a solution for Bing Ads customers – App Extensions! This is a simple new way to reach relevant ...

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