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Microsoft Advertising Scripts are pieces of JavaScript code you can use to automatically create, change, or delete items in your account based on custom criteria. You can make hundreds (or thousands!) of changes across your account all at once, without needing to make the changes manually.

Manage customized tasks in a user-friendly, programmatic way.

Why use Microsoft Advertising Scripts?

  • Gain efficiency through automation
    Spend more time on tasks that matter the most to your business by allowing Scripts to handle some Microsoft Advertising campaign management heavy lifting.
  • Enable complex Microsoft Advertising tasks
    Automate one-time or repetitive tasks in a highly customized manner.
  • Use lightweight customization
    Take advantage of highly customized tasks without a reliance on technical developers or extensive API coding.

Here are some examples of using scripts:

  • Schedule campaigns linked to a launch or sale.
  • Have an ad pause automatically when the item it's advertising is out of stock.
  • Make a rule across your account to increase broad-match keyword bids by 25% for keywords that generated more than 100 impressions that day.
Review some of our ready-made script solutions, which demonstrate how to perform specific tasks using Microsoft Advertising Scripts.

Start using Microsoft Advertising Scripts

Visit our help page for additional information on this feature, how to get set up and other common questions.

 Start using Microsoft Advertising Scripts