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Marination dips into digital marketing

Learn how Bing is helping this Seattle food sensation launch digital marketing for their new mobile luau and dessert truck.

May 2018


Seattle Chocolate's community commitment

Learn how the retailer Seattle Chocolate used Bing Ads to gain exposure for jcoco, a chocolate line that supports meals for those in need.

April 2018


Intelligent search insights

Artifical intelligence is powering intelligent search and the future of marketing.

March 2018


Trophy Cupcakes and Party’s recipe for success

Learn how the cupcake retailer used Bing Ads to reach a larger, more targeted audience.

February 2018


Yes Mo Beauty brand helps build confidence in women

Learn how the beauty brand got a marketing makeover by adding Bing Ads to its paid search strategy.

February 2018


Innovation in a consumer-to-business economy

iCrossing innovates for clients with enhanced products like Bing Shopping Campaigns.

July 2016


Agency connects clients and platforms with tech

Acquisio connects clients to Bing Ads and helps them optimize their campaigns.

July 2016

Swimming with Bing Ads


Digital agency Jellyfish swims to search success

Bing partner Jellyfish gains rising ROI tides and a valuable audience.

July 2016

Technology and methodology unite


Focused campaigns earn agency big results

ESV Digital marketing agency does battle for keywords and PPC supremacy.

May 2016

Alinéa achieves a faster ROI


Alinéa achieves a faster ROI

Furniture retailer Alinéa outbids its competitors and spends less with Bing Ads.

April 2016