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Intelligent connections

Microsoft Advertising provides intelligent solutions that empower you to connect meaningfully with the people who matter to you. Our advertising solutions deliver engaging and personalized experiences, so your brand is always represented at its best.

We deliver data-driven, inclusive audience marketing insights to help you understand your customer, identify opportunities to acquire new customers, and improve your marketing performance.

Inclusive audience marketing

​Inclusive cultures drive inclusive products and inclusive marketing. Diversity, accessibility, inclusivity — these are more than just buzz words. Learn more about how and why an inclusive mindset can help grow your business.

Accessible Marketing amplifies your audience connections

Get up to speed on how to extend your reach by making your marketing and customer experiences accessible. Our on-demand webcast and eBook on Accessible Marketing provide an actionable roadmap to intelligently connect with all people. You can also explore 10 important accessibility principles and get tips on using Microsoft Office 365’s Accessibility Checker tool.

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Microsoft Audience Network

Explore our advertising products that go above and beyond search. Last year, we launched the Microsoft Audience Networkwhich uses AI, rich audience intent data, and profile understanding to help marketers reach consumers in brand-safe environments. We've made updates to this offering. Learn more about our audience solutions and how clients are already seeing success.


The Art and Science of Audience Solutions Webcast

The Art and Science of Audience Solutions Webcast

View this on-demand webcast to explore how you can build your brand and drive purchases with audience solutions from Microsoft Advertising. Powered by the Microsoft Graph and artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft Advertising provides effective, scalable and rapidly growing solutions designed and built by a trusted search platform.

Overstock seals more deals with Microsoft Advertising

Overstock seals more deals with Microsoft Advertising

Overstock increased their revenue and return on ad spend with audience solutions from Microsoft Advertising. Find out how they created smarter customer journeys with audience ads on the Microsoft Audience Network, to get their products in front of customers with high-quality native placements across devices and trusted online properties.

Customer Decision Journey

Create smarter customer journeys. Gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and intent, to make every connection count.




Find out how to connect with travelers at every stage of their decision journey, from inspiration to arrival.

Tech and Telecom

Tech and Telecom

Entertainment consumption habits have changed and consequently, so has the decision journey for telecom and internet providers. Learn how to reach the new connected consumer.

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