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Upgraded Quality Score is Coming Soon to Bing Ads

We have listened to your feedback on improving quality score to help you make optimization decisions in a more efficient way. Today, we are excited to announce an upgraded quality score is coming! We expect this update will reach advertisers in...

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Bing Ads Engineers Share Priorities and Prospects in 2015

As we mentioned in the Winter Release Summary, this week and next we'll be sharing some information on what’s coming from Bing Ads in 2015. From new perspectives on the competitive landscape, to fresh perspectives on product priorities, here is a...

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Bing Ads Editorial Policy Change: Updates Needed for Ads with Phone Numbers starting February 2015

Due to a change in our editorial policies, starting February 2015 in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Taiwan, phone numbers will only be allowed through the use of Call Extensions or Location Extensions. The ad, title, body, URL,...

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How the Microsoft Bing Ads Privacy Policy Helps Both Advertisers and Bing Users

As part of Bing’s ongoing efforts to protect our users and facilitate conversions, we require that all advertisers include a privacy policy on their website(s). A privacy policy allows search users to see how their personal information will be used. ...

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Holiday Preparation Overview: Editorial Tips for Sitelink Extensions

As we discussed yesterday, Sitelink Extensions are a quick, easy way that can help make your ads more relevant to the average search engine user. It’s easy enough to search for a keyword or phrase in Bing, but sometimes the results received don’t...

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