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Bing Ads Editor Diary: How to Build Up a Quality Campaign with Speed – Part II

In Part I, I described the importance behind Bing Ads Editor’s Import and Export functions as they relate to helping you best assemble an online advertising campaign. Remember that your campaign updates should be bookended by the following...

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Bing Ads Editor Diary: How to Build Up a Quality Campaign with Speed – Part I

In my previous Bing Ads Editor Diary entry, I stressed the importance of a thoughtfully organized campaign structure, and suggested leveraging hierarchy as a key tool when experimenting with and optimizing your Bing Ads campaigns. I also mentioned...

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Things to Keep in Mind When Importing AdWords Enhanced Campaigns into Bing Ads

As of today, July 22nd, all Google AdWords campaigns will be auto-upgraded to enhanced campaigns if they have not already been migrated. Once this occurs, advertisers need to be mindful of some temporary incompatibilities between enhanced...

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Bing Ads Editor Diary: A High Performing Campaign Demands an Organized Structure

I frequently conduct case studies to identify improvement opportunities for Bing Ads products. Through my analyses I noticed a set of distinguishing characteristics shared by high-performing campaigns, dominant in their vertical market in...

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Bing Ads Editor Diary: The Four Horsemen

I went to graduate school at the University of Notre Dame, which is rich in football traditions, legends, and stories. The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame is a particularly fascinating story that keeps me inspired. It started with an epic football...

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