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New in Bing Ads: Conversion Reporting Kicks Off Platform Update Plans for 2014

We’ve been listening to you, our customers and partners, on how we can provide the best ad insights and optimal experiences using the reporting features in Bing Ads. Your engagement on this topic has shaped our platform update plans for 2014, and we’re excited to share the few few updates that are available now in Bing Ads.

I. Provide trustworthy and actionable insights that enable you to do more with data.

This year, we’re investing substantial technical resources into providing richer diagnostics and valuable insights that will help enable you to more easily identify performance issues and more quickly optimize your campaigns. As part of this focus, we are pleased to announce the following new features:

New conversion fields have been added to help you track your campaign’s impact and return on investment (ROI). Those of you who have enabled conversion tracking in your campaigns have long anticipated this exciting update, which instantly enables campaign ROI monitoring and optimization. The following fields are now available in all Bing Ads performance reports:

•    Assists
•    Conversions
•    Conversion rate (%)
•    Extended cost
•    Revenue
•    Return on ad spend (ROAS)
•    CPA
•    Cost per assist
•    Revenue per conversion
•    Revenue per assist 

Common Segments Insights now available in all performance reports. Power users now can slice and dice performance data on the “common segments” (or common dimensions) after downloading any performance report. This functionality was requested by users seeking performance insight around their favorite metrics, including:

•    Bid Match type
•    Delivered match type
•    Network
•    Top vs. other
•    Device type
•    Device OS

The new Enhanced Change History Report will enable you to more easily observe the connection between changes to your campaign with changes in your campaign’s performance.  If you optimize on keyword match types and ad extensions, you should absolutely benefit from this enhancement. The Change History Report now captures more of your changes, including:

•    Changes made to match type of keywords.
•    Changes made to Location extensions.
•    Changes made to Call extensions.
•    Changes made to keyword parameter values

Be sure to use the insights from these changes to quickly pinpoint the cause of any performance issues.

II. Improve the Usability, Scalability and Serviceability of our Business Intelligence Features to Provide Advertisers with an Optimal Experience

Our focus will be to provide better visualization capabilities, improved workflow efficiencies, faster performance and reporting. Below are some of latest enhancements in Bing Ads reporting:

"Sticky" settings across reports, helping you spend less time creating reports and more time on your business. In the report creation page, settings such as "Date range" and "Account scope", once set, will now be carried forward from one report to another. Also, the columns will no longer reset when "Time zone" or another setting is changed; these enhancements save you clicks and make report creation much faster.
Additional minor enhancements that add value and improve efficiency, such as...

•    Allow multiple accounts in a single report for Change history report. Previously only one account was allowed.
•    Increased the maximum number of Custom reports and Report history items to 100 from 20, so that advertisers can see many more custom reports and more past run reports.
•    Enabled additional time grains for Impression Share fields in Account, Campaign and Ad group reports. These newly enabled grains include:

o    Day of the week
o    Week
o    Month
o    Year
o    Summary

Previously, the only option was "Day of the week." Now, you'll be able to see impression share summarized at larger time grains much faster.

We hope these updates will help move the needle in making your campaign management tasks more efficient. Please do keep telling us what you like, what you don't and how we can improve to make Bing Ads the platform you want it to be!

Thanks for reading,

Sangeeta Mudnal

Principal Program Manager