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These content policies will help you with the overall quality of your Microsoft Advertising content, such as eliminating redundancy, low quality ads or confusing user experiences.

Duplicate ads

To provide the best possible user experience, Microsoft Advertising reserves the right to disallow specific ads or sites for offering a redundant user experience if the search results are too homogeneous. For example, we may disallow ads that link to websites whose content is too similar.

Multiple ads from the same advertiser may be displayed if the target site for each ad has:
  • A separate, distinct brand
  • A unique look and feel
  • Different products or services
To comply with these policies:
  • Make sure that your ad does not duplicate any of your other ads.
  • Do not submit multiple ads that link to sites whose content or design is very similar.
Illustration showing two duplicate ads leading to the same landing page.

Use of foreign language

To comply with our Microsoft Advertising policies
  • The language used in the ad must be appropriate for the market in which the ad is displayed.
  • As a general rule, landing pages should be in the local language(s) of the market. Case by case decisions may be made based on the general comprehension of the language in a specific market.
  • Foreign language words are allowed where they naturally fall into local language usage. For example, in English-speaking regions, the following foreign words are allowed: résumé, faux, burrito, café, fiancé, cliché, curriculum vitae, Zeitgeist.
  • The ad language must match the search results language.
  • The landing page must be clear and understandable to the average user in the target market.

Approved exampleApproved

Tour Mexico
Packages for families.
Prices for the summer!

Disapproved exampleDisapproved

Tour Mexico
Packages for families.
Precios para el verano!


You may not use two different languages within the same ad copy, except for commonly used terms or brands.

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