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Bing Ads API v.10 details now available on MSDN

Did you know that there’s a Bing Ads API Blog on MSDN? If this is the first you’re hearing about it, now’s a great time to head over there to check it out. Viswa Rathinavelu just posted a detailed walk-through of everything that’s new in Bing Ads API v.10 that will help developers increase productivity and improve performance.

Here’s a quick overview to give you a preview of Viswa’s post:

More efficient API Operations

Support for streamlined and consistent behavior in both Campaign and Ad Group entity operations, similar to Ad and Keyword entities. With partial success in the API response for these entities, managing Campaign and Ad Group entities is now easier and more efficient.

Faster and easier URL management and tracking

Support for Upgraded URLs only available with API v.10 with benefits that include efficient URL updates, hassle free tracking, more tracking insights and increased URL flexibility.

Improved overall API performance

Bug fixes and clean-up of deprecated APIs and properties as well as a new bulk file format with updated column names and support for new features.

Streamlined Ad Insight service

Ad Intelligence and optimizer service are combined into a single service.

Updated Bulk Service

Now supporting all new features and updates including GZip compression type in our bulk download operations.

Updated client libraries with new features supported

Full SDK fidelity (for all client libraries including C#, Java and Python) including workflow support for Reporting services to simplify the coding effort required to request, poll download and parse the reports.

For more information, check out the full post on the Bing Ads API blog.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to ping us on Twitter, but if it's specific to the Bing Ads API, check out the API forum on MSDN.