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Bing Ads Academy: Importing Google AdWords Campaigns into Bing Ads

Welcome to the Bing Ads Academy blog series. In this series we will talk you through the basics of Bing Ads, Bing Ads Editor and Bing Ads Intelligence, with blogs dedicated to setting up our latest features, the reports provided in Bing Ads and how to gain insights from Bing Ads Intelligence. Our first blog in the series is Importing Google AdWords Campaigns into Bing Ads.

If you’ve spent hours or even days setting up the perfect search account on Google AdWords, the good news is that at Bing Ads we’ve now made it even easier for you to replicate the same structure on the Yahoo! Bing Network - quickly and with minimal fuss.

Bing Ads provides customers with two options to quickly and efficiently copy accounts and campaign structures over from Google AdWords:

1. Import Google campaigns using the Bing Ads Editor which allows you to import directly from a Google AdWords export spreadsheet

2. Import directly from AdWords into Bing Ads using only your AdWords login and password credentials – no spreadsheets needed.

This blog will outline in detail Option 2 - how to import using a valid Google AdWords login and password, and explain what aspects of the account should be reviewed before commencing the upload process. (Please note if you have a Google 2-step verification, you need to create an application-specific password for Bing Ads)

Although the ‘importing using your AdWords login’ feature is available in the Bing Ads User Interface as well as Bing Ads Editor, we would strongly recommend the use of the Bing Ads Editor to import, as it’s a convenient and flexible tool for bulk editing.

Not currently using Bing Ads Editor? Download it now!

Once you have downloaded Bing Ads Editor and downloaded your Bing Ads account, you will find the ‘Import from Google’ feature under Import on the Manager Pane at the top of Bing Ads Editor.

Once you have selected Import from Google, you have the option to enter your AdWords login details or Import from a file.

When you select ‘Sign in to Google’ you will then be taken to an AdWords sign in box.

Once entering your login details you will then need to click accept to allow Bing Ads access to your AdWords content. Please note that Bing Ads does not save your Google AdWords sign-in information nor use that information for any purpose other than the import process.

Once logged in you can then select ‘Next’ within Bing Ads Editor.

You are then asked which of the Google accounts linked to that login you would like to import.

Once you’ve selected the correct AdWords account, you can then select the campaigns that you would like to import over from that account.

Upon selecting your list of campaigns you then have the option of choosing what you would like to import into Bing Ads.

If you have already imported your Google AdWords account into Bing Ads previously you can choose to import just the new items or any changes to existing items that Bing Ads finds in your Google account, for example recent changes to budgets, bids, negatives, targeting, URLs and Ad Extensions. As well as adding new items and changes, Bing Ads also gives the flexibility to delete any campaigns or ad groups that have also been deleted from AdWords.

If you’re using an API or third-party tool provider such as Kenshoo, Marin etc. to track account performance, it is vitally important to make the necessary changes to destination URLs to ensure any clicks and conversions from your Bing Ads account are correctly attributed in the API reports to Bing Ads.

You can do this above using the ‘Edit ad and keyword destination URLs’ feature, or as we are importing using the Editor tool you can do this in bulk within the tool or in excel once everything has been imported, just before you post changes to Bing Ads.

Once you are happy that you have selected everything that you would like to copy over, you can go ahead and click import.

Bing Ads Editor will then copy everything over and review the keywords and ads to ensure there are no compatibility issues via an ‘Import Completed’ summary of what has been imported. You can see above that the summary will detail anything that is new, has been updated, deleted or skipped. As you can see we had no compatibility issues but if we had you will have the option to export these compatibility issues into Excel to correct them.

As with everything you do on the Bing Ads Editor you will need to Post Changes to ensure all changes are uploaded into your Bing Ads Account and put live.

Due to slight differences between Google AdWords and Bing Ads, we would always recommend that you review the following four key areas before hitting the Sync button:

1. Budgets

Bing Ads has a minimum campaign budget of £5 and a minimum bid of 5p. With Bing Ads you also have the option to choose either a Daily Accelerated, Daily Standard or Monthly Campaign Budget. You may find that traffic on Bing Ads is slightly cheaper so it may be worthwhile lowering your bids once you have imported them over

2. Ad Text

The Bing Ads Editorial Policy and the AdWords Editorial policy will be slightly different, so we strongly recommend you review the Bing Ads policy and your imported ads before you post changes to your account. Your account will go through Editorial checks once you have posted changes. Unsure on Bing Ads Editorial Policy?

3. Negative Keywords

Bing Ads does not support broad match negative keywords. If you are importing broad match negatives from AdWords, Bing Ads will import them as phrase match so it is important to check these before you post changes. You can also use the Negative Keyword Conflict Report from the Bing Ads User Interface after a couple of weeks of account activity, to ensure that all your negatives are working as you want them to

4. Targeting Options

Targeting options, including location and time of day, are very different in AdWords and Bing Ads. Although we are working hard to ensure these are imported from AdWords as they should be, we strongly recommend reviewing targeting options before syncing. Please note the Import feature does not yet support postcode targeting set up on AdWords, but this can be set up separately through Bing Ads after import. When importing from AdWords you should also review your Bing Ads accounts language targeting, as once it is set and changes posted with Bing Ads this cannot be changed

Once you have successfully imported your account we recommend as a best practice to continue to import over regularly any changes made to your AdWords to ensure your Bing Ads accounts are up-to-date and consistent.

Next up in the Bing Ads Academy blog series, we will go through the Website/Publisher Report, helping you get the best performance from our Partner Network.