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Listening to Customers and Creating a Simpler Bing Ads

The Bing Ads team believes our primary job is to stay focused on our customers and their satisfaction. We strive to make it as easy and efficient as possible for them to run great campaigns on our platform while growing their businesses.

After much analysis and feedback, what we’ve found is that flexibility also means more complexity for many of our customers. The balance between flexibility and complexity is a moving target, but something we always strive to find. As a result, we’ve decided to change how Bing Ads handles device targeting. These changes will make it easier and more efficient for customers to manage their campaigns.

Beginning in September, Bing Ads will combine all tablet volume into our desktop/laptop category. Studies show that consumers search on PCs and tablets in very similar ways, resulting in only a 15-20 percent variance in performance between them. At this time, advertisers who have not taken advantage of tablet targeting will start realizing the benefits of receiving additional traffic. By combining tablets with desktops/laptops and providing bid modifiers, advertisers will see better efficiency and reach more customers, with little or no change to their ad spend for each conversion.

However, we’re going to continue to ensure that our customers retain the ability to better manage their return on ad spend goals. We’ll still provide advertisers the ability to control tablet traffic with bid modifiers that will run from -20 percent to +300 percent on bids. In addition to bid modifiers across tablets/laptops/desktops, Bing Ads will continue to offer a full suite of controls for mobile, such as ‘if mobile’ landing pages, mobile preference and bid modifiers which allow you to finely tune smartphone campaigns.

We know that in today’s search environment, it’s about reaching the right audiences while being able to optimize your return on time spent across ad platforms. In the first-half of 2015, we will take further steps to unify management of device targeting across campaigns by eliminating explicit mobile device targeting and utilize bid modifiers instead. With this update, we’ll have complete compatibility with how ad campaigns are managed within Bing Ads and Google AdWords, simplifying campaign management between platforms. But even then, advertisers who want to limit or eliminate mobile traffic can still do so through bid modifiers.

Stay tuned for updates around these changes, and what to expect this fall. As always, we want to hear from you to continue our discussion about how to make search advertising more effective and in line with your business goals.