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UET Update: Changes to Goal and Tag Creation for Agencies

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post was published several months ago; the information contained in it may no longer be accurate.  For the most current information on this topic, please visit the most recent blog post or the Help file.  


Universal Event Tracking (UET) celebrates its three month anniversary this week, and we appreciate the feedback we’ve been hearing from you, our customers, on how to make it easier to use and apply.  In response to concerns voiced by our Agency customers, we want to announce that we’ve changed how Agency-managed accounts support UET.

Customer Challenge

Previously, when an Agency linked to a Client account, the goals/tags created by the Agency could not be seen by the Client being managed, since they were associated with the Agency’s customer. This meant that any changes to goals/tags had to be done by the Agency.  It also meant that the Client would lose said goals/tags if the Client chose to leave the Agency.  Additionally, Agencies couldn’t share logins with their Clients as a workaround, since any user logging in as the Agency would see the goals/tags of all the accounts managed by the Agency.

Product Solution

To address the scenario described above, Bing Ads has recently updated UET functionality to enable Agencies and Resellers to manage and create goals for their Clients with their Agency login.  If you are an Agency or Reseller, sign into Bing Ads and select the Client Account of interest in the navigation pane on the left of your screen.

Select Client Account in Left Navigation to create Goals/Tags for Client

Next, click “Goals and Conversions” to manage goals/tags for the selected Client account, and associate any created Goals/tags with the selected Client.  This will also ensure that when Clients sign in to Bing Ads using their own logins, they will see their Agency-created goals/tags.

If You’ve Created Goals and Tags Prior to Jan 13, 2015

If you’re an Agency that has created goals and tags prior to Jan 13, 2015, you’ll unfortunately have to recreate these goals and tags to ensure they’re associated with the desired Client. In this case, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Go to the Goals and Conversions page by selecting Shared Library, and then Goals and Conversions. 
  2. Pause all Goals created before January 13th by selecting Pause from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the desired Client (Account) in the Left navigation pane.
  4. Create the necessary goals/tags for the selected Client.

Note that if a Client already has a pre-solution tag (code snippet) placed in a Client’s website, the Client will need to update the website with the new tag (code snippet) that was created using above steps.

Friendly Reminder to Replace your Campaign Analytics Tags

Remember to replace any old Campaign Analytics tags that you have placed on your website with Universal Event Tracking. Universal Event Tracking has replaced Campaign Analytics conversion tracking, and tags that were created with the domain (prior to July 2013) will stop being supported in April 2015.  That means you’ll no longer receive conversion data starting this April, but conversion data tracked prior to April will still be available in your reporting.

Keep Us Posted!

Thank you again for bringing your concerns to us, and we hope the solution described meets your needs.  I invite you to comment below, on Twitter, or share your suggestions for further improvements in the Feature Suggestion Forum.

Join our UET Q&A on LinkedIn (February 2-6)

If you have questions or suggestions relating to UET then join our ‘Ask an Expert’ in the Bing Ads LinkedIn group from Monday February 2nd to Friday February 6th.

I will be in the group on point to answer any questions you may have and look forward to share some tips with you as well.

To join the UET Ask an Expert simply come to the Bing Ads LinkedIn group from Monday:


Thank you,

Fady Khoury

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform