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Coming Soon: New Features and Enhancements in Bing Ads Editor v10.5

The Bing Ads Editor team is excited to announce the upcoming release of  Editor v10.5, your desktop solution for large and multi-campaign management.  V10.5 sports a host of new and enhanced features designed in response to your feedback, like an all new negative keyword library, 15-minute ad scheduling, and ZIP code targeting. We’ve also further refined the advanced sync, import, and export functions to help you optimize your performance across all your campaigns faster and easier than ever.

I. Negative Keyword Library
The new negative keyword library lets you centralize negative keywords management in just three easy steps:

1)    Create a negative keyword list (or multiple)
2)    Populate this list with your negative keywords
3)    Apply your new negative keyword list(s) to your campaigns

Use the new Shared Library tab to create negative keyword lists and add negative keywords to the lists.

Use the Keywords tab to associate a negative keyword list with multiple campaigns.

II. Ad Scheduling in 15-minute intervals
We’ve redesigned the ad scheduling feature to enable ad scheduling in new 15-minute intervals at the campaign and ad group level.  The existing “Day of Week” and “Time of Day” settings in the Bing Ads Web UI will be automatically translated into this new format, and displayed under the Targeting tab’s “Ad schedules” section when you sync changes in Bing Ads Editor.

Use the new “Ad schedules” section under the Targeting tab to program ad schedules in 15-minute intervals.


III. ZIP Code Targeting and Increased Targeting Entries Limit
Directly apply ZIP code targets in the “Locations” section under the Targeting tab. Bing Ads raised  its limit on targeting entries to 10,000 for each campaign and/or ad group.

Use ZIP code targeting under the Targeting tab.

IV. Enhanced Export Function
You now have more options and control in specifying the campaigns and ad groups you want to export, including the choice to export ads or keywords.

Use the enhanced export functionality to shave time off your workflow.


V. Enhanced Import Summary View
You can now review the results of your import- for example, after common tasks like “make multiple changes,” importing data from files, or migrating campaigns from Google. The imported changes will be automatically identified and displayed as: new, updated, deleted, or skipped.

By clicking any of the hyperlinked categories, you will be able to see details on the imported items in Excel.  Should optimization opportunities surface during your review, you can always change the settings on the review files and import them directly.

Use the enhanced import summary view to expedite the import validation process.

VI. Advanced Sync Setting Window
Enjoy more flexibility while screening campaign lists with a variety of filter options, and the freedom to enter multiple search filter criteria. You can directly copy a list of campaigns from a Word document, e-mail, or Excel spreadsheet and paste them to the criteria field to filter the campaigns list.

Use the advanced sync setting window to quickly select campaign(s) to work on.


Best Practices for Getting the Most out of the Bing Ads Editor v10.5 Enhancements

1.) Review your custom location settings before adding ZIP code targeting to avoid conflicts. More information about how Bing Ads integrates location targeting and radius targeting settings is available here.

2.) Know how to locate new components on export files.  More information about how to use Bing Ads Editor to export files to campaigns is available here.

Negative keyword list components shown on exported files.

Ad schedules and ZIP code targeting components shown on exported files.


3.) Know the ground rules of creating negative keywords:

o    Negative keyword length limit: 100
o    Negative keyword list name length limit: 255
o    Max number of negative keyword lists in an account: 20
o    Max number of negative keywords in a list: 5,000
o    Max number of negative keywords in a campaign or ad group: 10,000
o    Bing Ads support exact and phrase match for negative keywords
o    Bing Ads support negative keywords at campaign and ad group level
o    Bing Ads support negative keywords list at campaign level
o    Bing ads union users’ negative settings at campaign and ad group level to screen traffic

4.) While Bing Ads supports negative keywords at the campaign and ad group level, negative keyword lists can only be applied at campaign level at this time.

5.) Migrate existing campaign-level negative keywords to negative keyword lists:

Step 1: Create negative keyword lists.
Step 2: Export existing campaign level negative keywords to an Excel file.
Step 3: Select the “negative” and “match type” columns from the export file and paste them into a new spreadsheet.
Step 4: Add a new column, “name,” for the list names. Use the name column to assign existing campaign level negatives to negative lists
Step 5: Click “Make multiple changes” under “Manage keywords in list,” and copy and paste the negative, match type, and name columns to the input field, then click the Import button to populate the new negative keyword lists with exiting negatives.

Enter existing negative keywords to the negative keyword lists.


Frequently Asked Questions

•    Can I adopt the new negative keyword list, ad scheduling, and ZIP code targeting feature enhancements on Bing Ads Web UI and API in addition to Bing Ads Editor?

Yes, those enhancements are available on all Bing Ads user interfaces and API.

•    How many location targeting entries can I enter for each campaign or ad group?

You can enter up to 10,000 location targeting entries (geo + radius + ZIP code) per campaign or ad group.

•    How many negative keyword lists can I create within an account?

You can create up to 20 new keyword lists per account.

•    How many negative keywords can I add to each negative keyword list?

You can add up to 5,000 negative keywords per negative keyword list.

•    Can I share negative keyword lists with ad groups?

No, you can only associate negative keyword lists at the campaign level at this time.

•    Can I apply ad schedules at the ad group level?

Yes, ad scheduling can be applied at campaign or ad group.

•    How many ad schedules can I program for each campaign or ad group?

You can program up to 49 ad schedules per campaign or ad group.

•    How many ad schedules can I program within a single day?

You can program up to 7 ad schedules within a single day.

•    Can I still use the “Day of Time” and “Time of Day” functions in the campaign or ad group tab?

No, those two functions are no longer available.  Please use the Ad schedules section in the Targeting tab to program your ad schedules.

•    Can I still use custom location function in campaign at ad group tab to create ZIP code targeting with radius?

Yes, you can.

For more on the Bing Ads Editor v10.5 enhancements, check out this video for an overview:

Questions? Comments? Leave them below, or ping me on Twitter. We're always listening to your feedback and working hard to make Bing Ads the PPC platform you want it to be. Please let us know how we're doing!

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A Proud Member of the Bing Ads Editor Team

NOTE: The information contained in this blog post is intended for agencies and advertisers that are self-managed or supported by Microsoft.  If you are an agency or advertiser managed by Yahoo, the details therein may not be applicable, and you are encouraged to contact your Account Representative for more information.